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  1. NEW LED Sidemarkers for 2018+ JL Wrangler | Diode Dynamics

    Jake, What would you suggest for replacing the running lights, and turn signals with all LED's? Thanks
  2. Where's the leak!?

    Fixed it! Sadly, the nut that was causing the leak was literally hand tight. I'm shocked the leak wasn't worse. It turned out it was the top line, and I might have been able to access it without pulling the grill and headlight. However, it made it easier to find the source. It looks...
  3. Where's the leak!?

    Right next to the passenger side headlight.
  4. Where's the leak!?

    I don’t know of this will help or not, but I traced my leak up to this manifold. I’m not entirely sure what fluid flows through here but it’s gold and could be engine oil. Hope it helps.
  5. Where's the leak!?

    I’m definitely going to bring it in. But I just want to isolate the issue before I do. I did crawl underneath, and spent a long tracing the source. It’s dripping down from the side of the radiator and from the wheel well guard. It seems to be originating from underneath the air intake. I...
  6. Where's the leak!?

    Well, the oil on the dipstick is definitely darker. I guess it’s possible, but from where the drips seem to be coming from, I just don’t think any engine oil passes through that area.
  7. Where's the leak!?

    I have a 2020 JLU and I just discovered a similar leak. I'd definitely like to hear what the outcome is. I have an appointment to take me Jeep in, but I'd like to isolate this as much as possible so I can limit the run-around I get from the dealer. In my case, the fluid is gold, and is...
  8. Off road pages after 7” to 8.4” upgrade?

    Which Alpine are you looking at? If you’re looking to sell that 8.4 let me know.
  9. Off road pages after 7” to 8.4” upgrade?

    That's kind of what I figured. I'm bummed that I did't catch on that CarPlay is so small on the 7 inch screen. Why Jeep chose to implement this differently than every other can brand is beyond me. If they fix the small car play display, then I won't do the upgrade.
  10. Off road pages after 7” to 8.4” upgrade?

    I'm considering upgrading from the 7inch to the 8.4 screen. Are you happy with the upgrade? Do you suggest the LTE upgrade also? Thanks
  11. Off Road Trailers

    Hello, Great looking trailer. I just ordered the XT also. Do you mind telling me how long it took to receive the trailer, and how you like it so far? Thanks!