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  1. Forum Music

    Am I the only one that is getting Google ads that are automatically playing videos with really bad elevator music? I hate those types of forceful ads. Unfortunately, I think that they are the price to pay for having this free forum... Does anyone have a sharp stick I can poke my eyes (ok...
  2. Trasharoo

    Ok, here's something I'm wondering... Is there any way that you all think that the Trasharoo (or similar) could, or will be, modified for use with the JL and it's associated backup camera. I can't see any way, but I figured I'd put this out there for the JLWF brain trust to ponder... Things...
  3. Rubicon Wheels, Tires, Rock Rails, Shocks

    Well, now that the JLU is in, I've got 5 sets of Wheels/Tires to sell, as a package, I don't want to split them up. Approx. 45-50 miles on them. I am not interested in arranging shipping, so please, either local or you take care of shipping from Deming, NM - $1500 Also have the original rock...
  4. Air Helper Bags

    Question, especially for those that already have their JL delivered. Are the rear springs the same on the JL as they were on the JK? I'm looking to put air bags in to help with the stance of my JLU Rubicon while towing and there are none out that state they fit the JL. I'm thinking of...
  5. Off Road Trailers

    Anyone besides me going to be pulling an off road trailer (think VMI, Turtleback, AT, etc...)? I've got a Borderland that should be finished about the same time the JL gets here (when it rains, it! Post up pics of your setups!
  6. Dumb Question

    Does the JLU have an actual, metal key (flip out type, I'd assume) as part of the FOB? The reason I'm asking is I like the Bolt locks and, well, they need a
  7. Dispersed Camping (Boondocking)

    Well, while we're waiting on our JL's to come in, how about we talk about good dispersed locations to take the wonderful machines with RTT's, ground tents, or offroad trailers? I'm primarily interested in areas out here in the West (Colorado, Northern NM, Utah, Idaho, Montana) but would love to...
  8. Roof Racks for JL

    With the exception of the Mopar rack, has anyone heard from the other rack manufacturers? I really hope Gobi comes out with a rack soon (by the New Year, hopefully).