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  1. Louisiana Rusty’s Track Bar Bracket

    I have a brand new in box Rusty’s track bar reinforcement bracket. Never installed. I bought this when there were weld issues, but never needed it for my JL. Paid $100. Yours for $70 OBO plus shipping.
  2. Louisiana Sold: G17 Gibson Leather Holster

    I am leaving the Jeep world and was checking to see if anyone was interested in my G17 Gibson leather holster. $125 shipped in the US. Mounts to the side of your console.
  3. Louisiana Sold: CMM Driver Mirror

    CMM driver side mirror and bracket only used a couple of times $60 plus shipping.
  4. PCM Cover

    Gonna get with dealer on Monday, but I know they will probably dance around this even though I am fairly certain it is an easy fix, so anyone know if the standard 96 pin cover fits our PCM connectors? Took the air intake tube off today to install an air intake and saw this. They are both locked...
  5. Aux Switch Question

    Hooking up my rock lights and haven’t quite finished for the night, I disconnected my battery (+|-) to hook up aux wire and ground. I am guessing it won’t do any harm to leave it disconnected over night? Another thing I encountered as I was was looking for a ground post. I loosed a nut on the...
  6. Tactical Recovery Gear

    Looking at new recovery gear and came upon this set, anyone with any experience with TRE?
  7. Front End Sag

    Hey all I have the 2.5” skyjacker lift on my JLU sport and it has been great and sat almost level - I added a full width LOD bumper, skid plate and winch (about 165lbs) and I am about 1.5” lower in the front than the rear and would like to get back level. Would it make sense to add a spacer or...
  8. Rock Lights - Accent Lighting

    What is everyone using? Not necessarily concerned with color changing (although won’t rule out). Lots of mention of rock lights in search but not a specific thread.
  9. LOD Signature Series Full Width

    @Northridge4x4 I order the LOD signature series full width - what is the proper skid plate for this bumper for a sport or does trim matter? Thanks
  10. Tailgate Rattle - Rear Roll Bar Plastic Rattle

    If anyone is experiencing a rattle in the rear of your Jeep that sounds like it is coming from the tailgate / spare tire / plastic housings around your roll bars - Remove the flimsy - POS piece of plastic above your jack (the one that has the holes for your door boys etc.) - your welcome.
  11. Geometry Correction Brackets - Adjustable Control Arms

    I am running a 2.5in Skyjacker on my sport. No steering issues or tire wear abnormalities and I probably won’t go any higher. It handles well on road and offroad, a little stiffer than stock. I know with the lift and stuff my caster angles and geometry may be off somewhat and I was thinking of...
  12. Diode Dynamics Hi/Low HID

    Anyone install the Diode Dynamics HID conversion on a sport yet?
  13. Smittybilt Winch?

    I am installing a Smittybilt winch on my Jeep and would like to use a factor 55 splicer or flat link. My synthetic rope is already looped through a large hook. What is the best/easiest way to remove this and properly secure one of the factor 55 parts?
  14. Winch Install?

    I have read through a lot of the posts, I ordered an LOD signature series full width and the X20 10k winch on Black Friday - I am installing this on a sport. The bumper comes with a winch plate and fairlead mounting plate will I need anything else? Also I have the factory Aux switch does this...
  15. Sold: Spiderweb Shade JLU

    Brand new in package - Tan $120 shipped (PayPal preferred, buyer pays fees)
  16. Spiderweb Shade JLU

    Brand new in package - Tan $120 shipped (PayPal preferred, buyer pays fees)
  17. Gum Creek Customs

    Anyone have a holster from Gum Creek Customs installed - I want to pull the trigger for my G17 just not sure if the panel under the steering wheel is long enough for straps and holster to snug up. I have had them in other vehicles but the panel was a bit longer, unfortunately I don’t have those...
  18. JL Audio Aftermarket System??

    I remember a thread in one of the aftermarket threads of a guy that worked for JL audio and they were doing some work with his Jeep on a replacement system - anyone know who he/she is and can tag them for updates????
  19. Toledo Jeep - Wheels???

    Anyone know what wheels are on this Rubicon?
  20. Sold: Superchips Flashcal - SOLD

    Superchips Flashcal JL for sale - unmarried and ready for your Jeep. I am currently testing a different Superchips platform and no longer need this. Just waiting on a new bypass module as I had to use the flashcal module with the test equipment. Don’t have original packaging but have everything...