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  1. Quadratec lost my business

    Poor timing on their part too because my bonus just hit the bank on Thursday, so I'm on a spending spree. The reason quadratec lost my business: Summary: They refuse to return my money for an order they canceled. The boring details: On Apr 14 I placed an online order for an item totaling about...
  2. Hydraulic Bump Stops

    Haven't found much discussion about bump stops. I was looking at them and wondered others opinions. I checked many build journals and showcases and I couldn't find a single person listing it.
  3. Factory floor mats

    Summarized story: jeep purchase in august of 2021 JLUR includes mats, but no mats were included. Finally yesterday dealer gave mats for 2022 and said they fit. Fronts fit perfect, backs did not line up with the floor pegs. My question: Am I stupid. OK don't answer that. All the venders for...
  4. California Sold: Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70/17 (set of 5) and wheels

    set of 5 wildpeaks less than 2000 miles. Taken from 2021 Rubicon. no TPMS. matte black upgrade wheels South Orange county. Pickup, or maybe I can drop them south of irvine north of san clemente. $1250.
  5. Inner Fender and Remote Reservoir

    Installing some remote reservoir shocks tonight. Wondering how others have handled the inner fender lining. Do you trim it, remove it completely, etc?
  6. 392 tailgate reinforcement to Rubicon

    Will it work? Someone selling on facebook. I saw the offical kit includes a bunch of spacers and bolts. Is that needed?
  7. Diode Dynamics Website Hacked - credit cards stolen

    My AMEX card was used in Panama last week and canceled. AMEX said my card data was stolen. Today I received an email from Diode Dynamics:
  8. Removing Rear Upper Control Arm

    On 2021 JLUR is it required to remove the gas tank to access the rear upper control arm (passenger side) at the frame? I couldn't find any access point for the bolt that is inside the frame. Note: this is just for my pre-planning (making sure I have all the tools and know what I am doing, etc).
  9. 37" on the 2.0L

    Are people running 37" tires on their 2.0? I saw another thread where someone was saying when going to a larger tire the 2.0 wasn't enough. Thought I would bring it into this section to confirm/deny.
  10. Rear Trackbar Relocation Bracket

    I don't see that all manufacturers include this type of bracket in their lift kits. RockKrawler has it and a couple of others. What is this part all about and why would it be required on some kits and not others?
  11. Could I install Control Arms with no impact?

    If I just installed an 8 piece control arm kit, could I do it with no impact to alignment or ride quality? Only when starting to add springs and shocks does anything change, correct? I know it seems an odd question, but I am thinking to do a lift just slowly over the course of some time.
  12. Falcon adjust shocks

    What's the opinion on these 'on the fly' adjustable shocks? Seems like they are solving a typical performance complaint I see on these forums. Are they just marketing gimmick or do they actually do what they claim to do? SP2 3.5 ADAPT E-ADJUST PIGGYBACK SHOCKS (MSRP- $2,667.99)...
  13. Shop to do Lift

    Anyone recommend a shop to do a coil over lift kit installation? Requires cutting and welding, etc. Probably need a regear as well.
  14. Which Axle Do I Have?

    I have a 2021 JLU Rubicon. I have seen where it says I have a Dana 44 or somewhere else that says I have a M220. When I look at the build list on the jeep website, it lists the Dana 44 as part of the XR package. Does this mean I have a Dana 30?
  15. What's your height after lift

    I have a small garage that has a storage loft. I measured by highest point of the wrangler at 72.5". The lowest point on my garage is the door which is at 79.25". This is plenty of space. Looking to move to 37" tires with a 3.5" lift (current 33" stock tires). Will this actually move me up...
  16. Rock Lights

    Installed an sPod, now I got all these buttons I need to hook stuffs too. Was thinking rock lights would be a simple addition. Most of the ones I have looked at online appear to be of very low quality. The Baja Designs are potential. There is something in the manual though, it says they need...
  17. Grille LED Bar with Stock Plastic Bumper Mount

    I had ordered the Diode Dynamics Bumper LED Light Bar Kit but it was on backorder for 1-2 weeks and it didnt ship. Come to find out they didnt ship that or the in-stock fog lights because there was a 18 week wait on the hood led bar I had ordered. So I had to cancel my order and make new...
  18. Overall height of 2021 Rubicon w/Xtreme Recon

    I haven't been able to find it but was wondering if anyone located specs on the overall height of the 2021 JLU Ruicon with Extreme Recon package.
  19. Wheel Spacers - experience?

    I have been looking at wheel spacers and there is a ton of info out there and much of it contradicts the rest. I watched a pretty good video on it but at the end I felt like it was more of a sales pitch and it wasn't jeep related. I wanted to hear from jeep owners about their experience with...