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  1. Sway Bar link Broken?

    At some point, I assume yesterday after hitting a rather large ice chunk on the road, one end up of my left sway bar link became disconnected between the link and bushing. I only realized this when I got death wobble today and stopped to figure out why. First I ask, how can I Fix this. Second...
  2. Sold: SmartStopStart

    For sale SmartStopStart paid 129.99, asking 100 bucks shipped.
  3. Steering upgrade? Eliminating wander?

    I've been seriously looking into upgrading some steering components to eliminate some of the road wandering present with my JL rubicon. I have seen both the track bar replaced: and a full tie rod, drag link and steering stabilizer replacement: both videos available on the [Banned Site] channel. Now...

    Want to buy any type of tazer. Tazer jl, tazer mini, tazer lite. As long as it isn’t married in, I want it.
  5. Tire recalibration

    I’m trying to find the cheapest way to correct the speedo system for a change in tire size. I’ve called dealerships, Jeep/ off-road shops, and tire shops. No response besides buying a 250 superchips flashcal. I’d like to avoid spending that kind of money to change my tire Size once. If anyone...
  6. Cam’s first Jeep

    I picked my Jeep up 12/03/18. Serves as an excellent daily driver. Haven’t done much off-roading yet, but certainly have some plans I modify it a bit. Sand dunes here I come!
  7. Jax car wash

    I’d just like to mention how great JAX car wash is in the metro Detroit area. I’ve been a member of their basic monthly program which provided unlimited washes for just over 20 bucks a month. With how crappy the weather is in Michigan, the mud and road salt is constantly coating the car. I get...
  8. Can you fit Rubicon tires in a 2 door?

    Will rubicon tires (5) fit in the cargo area of a 2 door JL?
  9. Procomp Wheels fit on carrier?

    Im trying to find out if anyone knows if "LA PAZ SERIES 29" Pro Comp wheels will fit over the backup camera on the wrangler jl
  10. Tire rattle?

    I can't quite narrow down the exact source of the noise, but I figured maybe some of you might have. It seems at decent speeds 30+ I have a distinct clicking sounds consistently from the outside of the car. I assumed it has something to do with the suspension system or maybe a contaminated break...
  11. Michigan Sold: Take off wheels - $600 (No Tires)

    These wheels were used for just over 6,000 miles. Near perfect condition, no scratches or blemishes. WHEELS NO TIRES Local Deal, Metro Detroit Area. - 48307. $600
  12. Swapping Seatbelts?g

    Looking into swapping for red seatbelts, but wondering how difficult the removal and installation is, for those of you that have done it? Also does the swap work for the back middle seat?
  13. WTB- Red SeatBelts

    WTB red seat belts
  14. Michigan Sold: (5) 285/70/r17 BFGoodrich tires 700

    I have 5 BFGOODRICH All-Terrain T/A Tires for sale. Dimensions : LT 285/70 R17. The tires have 90% tread left. Will cut a local deal, or shipping can be arranged. 700OBO Metro Detroit área 48304.
  15. Michigan Sold: 5 inch mopar lights, with A pillar bracket, 500 OBO

    Mopar 5 inch lights, with A pillar mounting bracket. Was installed. Like new condition. 530 OBO located in Metro Detroit area, but can work out shipping.
  16. What are considered good shocks?

    I’ve been looking into purchasing a new lift kit, with shocks. 2 inch lift. I’ve found mix ideals, but as a general rule, how would you guys rank the various companies that make lifts ? Which would be the best ?
  17. Raptor tires on Rubicon?

    Just curious, is there any difference between a (35x12.5/r17) and a (LT315/70R17)? I was planning on installing 35x12.5s on my rubi, but found a good deal on raptor take offs (LT315/70R17 113/110S Load Range: C). Thanks!
  18. OPINION? Are falcon 3.3 shocks overated?

    I’ve been looking into premium shocks and suspension components, and while I was initially very interested in falcon shocks, I’ve been finding more and more mixed reviews. So the question is, are falcon 3.3 shocks really that great? What experience have you all had with them, and what are some...
  19. WTB superchips flashcal $200

    just looking for a superchips flashpaq!
  20. Mopar Lift Install Pricing $400-1200??

    I’m looking to find what everyone else payed to have the mopar 2inch lift installed. I called 5 dealerships in my local area, and received installation quotes ranging from $390 to $1200. Also, would it still be under warranty if I brought a mopar lift from a 3rd party seller, but had it...