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  1. Windshield washer pump on but no flow

    Have been using Walmart's generic w/w fluid pretty much exclusively, took 14 years for the screen to clog on my wife's car.
  2. Windshield washer pump on but no flow

    Pull the pump and clean the screen on the pump inlet
  3. So it begins Michigan to the Mexico border to Alaska and back. Three JLUR and campers.

    Thanks, I agree they are providing a great travelogue and entertaining the masses, I would be more than happy to buy them a cocktail while they are enjoying their cruise! How would the donation address work? Or Apple Cash?
  4. So it begins Michigan to the Mexico border to Alaska and back. Three JLUR and campers.

    How many are following this thread? I say we each throw in a buck or 2 for the bar tab! Who can make that happen?
  5. What fuse number is the rear 12v power source?

    F43 if it's always on (bat) or F45 if it is switched (ign) (20 amp)
  6. Tazer stalls engine

    2 sleep cycles required after a full reboot, every thing off and fob away from vehicle for several minutes, ignition on/off and fob away a second time
  7. Tazer JL Mini Issues

    Big thank you to Ian S. and Scott R. @zautomotive MyTazer mini is operational once again, it was a simple fix, it had somehow become deactivated. What is not so simple is the email tech support, the people are very competent, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, all of the things tech support...
  8. Tazer JL Mini Issues

    @Rhinebeck01 It was not my intent to do any ZAutomotive bashing, and I don't think it reads that way. Just putting the info out there as to what is happening with my refurbed Tazer Mini. I have been very happy with my Tazer and have texted Joe in the past with questions and received a prompt...
  9. Tazer JL Mini Issues

    I will be the 3rd to post having an issue with a refurb Tazer JL Mini. Ordered on 2/18/21, shipped to me on 2/22/21, so I am just barely outside of 1 year. Luckily I spent the extra $20 for the 2 year warranty. It started acting up in mid January, but was on a road trip and thought it best to...
  10. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Great idea, has anyone tried removing Fuse F22 (ECM/PCM/MGU WAKE UP/PPU WAKE UP) when towing? Any thought as to a possible downside?
  11. Cool tech harness instructions

    I believe these are the most current instructions.
  12. Fuel pump kill switch

    Fuel pump relay is K02 in the PDC
  13. Aux button #4

    On factory installed Aux Switches the fuse is F108 and the relay is K21 for Aux #4. Also check out this post:
  14. Garage cracks, not jokes and no plumbers!

    No personal experience with it, but this should do the job.
  15. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Stock 19 JLUR at Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) 11/13/21 for the 18th annual Veterans Day Celebration. The 06 LJR is on 35's with a 4.5" Rubicon Express long arm lift.
  16. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    Sold my '05 TJ, Flame Red, Rocky Mountain Edition 112,000 miles on the odometer for 12, 500 last July. Buyer was an acquaintance I have wheeled with in the Eastern Sierra, he texts me often to say how happy he is that he bought my Jeep. I would be surprised if a Carvana offer would be any...
  17. Camping recs? + what I've googled so far...

    Another easy trail to consider if you decide on Big Bear Was up there 2 weeks ago, it is starting to get chilly. Big Bear likely to be 60/30, while Anza Borrrego should be 85/55. Yes Culp Valley and Paroli Homesite are a bit above the...
  18. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Not quite Gorda, CA prices, but close. Death Valley, CA