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  1. If you have Quadratec Pre-Runner LED lights, check your fender lights

    I just installed my Quadratec Pre-Runner light kit and have a strange issue. It's not something I would have noticed right away, so I wonder if anyone else has the issue. I have a JLUR with regular, non-LED lighting. Just to confirm, this is the light kit I'm talking about...
  2. What is this (Came with my Jeep)

    My dealer was very nice and complied with my request of minimal prep for my jeep. So, I found this and have no idea what it is for:
  3. Anyone else happy without the Alpine?

    I ended up not ordering the alpine system, thinking that for that kind of money I could replace all the speakers and add a sub plus have money to spare. However, now that I have my Jeep I'm extremely happy with the base system. Probably one of the best stock systems I've ever had. Now, I will...
  4. I'm told I can't order Mojito?!?!

    So I was just told that I can no longer order Mojito?!?! What is up with this? And for the record, I had no issue with the last 7 Mojitos I ordered... In the last hour and a half...;)
  5. Like palindromes? Check out this MSRP!

    Was doing my usual searching of Mojito Rubicons near me and found this MSRP, thought it was funny for some reason:
  6. Do custom orders show up as "In Transit"?

    My jeep is built, I have the sticker, and it is "In the shipping process" according to jeep chat. However, I don't see it in the inventory list on jeep's website or my dealer's. My question is, will I see it show up there before it is delivered? I want to take it off the lot as soon as it is...
  7. Harley changing the name of the Fat Boy!

  8. Lease numbers showing on build/price at

    So, I was playing around with the builder on Jeep's website again for the upteenth time. And I noticed that now it has a lease number as well as buy number. Just an FYI for those of you looking to lease. I'm considering it, but not sure that it's right for me.
  9. Uconnect 4c vs 3 - does the 4 have cell connection to FCA?

    I'm not a fan of the over the air updates, nor am I a fan of FCA collecting information on me. So, my question is does the Uconnect 4 have communication to big brother, or is it only the 4c? It seems like people with issues with the OTAs and other stuff have the 4c. Edit - thread title should...
  10. Disable OTAs?

    I know I'm new, but I'm not new to forums and I searched. Is there any way to disable OTAs? I;m not really fond of the idea of FCA being able to push software to my vehicle that I own anytime they want. Heck, when I googled jeep over the air to try to find a disable I came up with tons of...