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  1. Arizona Sold: JLUR 3.6L Build for sale $60k 25k miles

    Hello everyone! Putting my jeep up for sale! Has hardly any miles on it as I lived 2 miles to my work. Here's a list of the mods. Lift was dealer installed and I have a transferable Zurich bumper to bumper warranty on it!! Dual battery system in the back with onboard air! No scratches, dents...
  2. Trailer vs Seat delete

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are looking at doing a multi month overland/roadtrip out west for 2-4 months with our golden retriever. We are trying to decide it a trailer makes sense or if we should suck it up and take the route of minimal gear and get a platform system like goose gear or AAL...
  3. Maine New England 5 rubicon wheels with like new 35x12.50x17 nitto ridge grapplers $1700

    Upgrading to 37s!! I have a set of five wheels and tires with hardly any wear on them. I live 2 miles to work so almost all in town driving, about 15k or so after I got the lift on. (I only have 20k on my jeep now). Price is for all 5, with TPMS. I live in southern Maine so close vicinity to VT...
  4. Hard top repair advice

    Having trouble getting a clear answer of what to do about my hard top! Hopefully someone on here can give me advice. I went to back out of my garage and my passenger didnt pull the door up all the way. I backed into the door so it left a big nick in the shell. I am wondering what to fill it with...
  5. New KMC km541 Dirty Harry

    What do you guys think? New style for 2020. I think they look great, so considering them. I love machetes but not sure I need beadlocks. These would save me like 60% from beadlocks too!
  6. Installing aftermarket steering components...warranty

    Should I have any concerns installing a yeti adjustable track bar? I want to get front end aligned better and beef up the track bar from stock. Possibly a rear track bar eventually as well as rear tires aren’t exactly aligned despite have an alignment done
  7. UConnect won’t play most recent iPhone music

    Not sure if you guys have this problem, but it drives me nuts... my Jeep will not play the most recent Bluetooth music I had playing in the car. For instance let’s say I was playing a podcast. Sometimes I’ll get back in car and it’ll play a song I listened to prior. Sometimes it’ll just start...
  8. Unconnect screen issue big box

    today this appeared and won’t go away. Anyone else get this issue? So annoying. So far I’ve had rubicon decal peeling off, replaced a rear fender for falling off, mopar lift coils bending badly, etc
  9. Forbes-Cars to avoid 2018 Three jeep models including JL. Forbes no love
  10. Mopar lift fix coming end of April

    @JLWF Dealer Guy maybe you can give us insight on what the actual parts is? Dealer called me just now...Mopar has a fix coming out and it will be at my dealer late April/early May. If anyone on here has any info on what the actual parts are for the fix please post it here! I’m assuming it is...
  11. Well here's the first issue...350 miles and a lot of rust

    Lot of rust on the undercarriage. Around the front diff., suspension parts, etc. ...Well that was quick, it has been through a touchless wash and fully detailed and washed by a local guy too so it is not like it has just been sitting uncleaned . Pretty pissed, need to go to bed and sleep on it...
  12. Fender and hardtop protection

    any previous JK owners have any recommendations for protecting stock fenders and hardtops? I had a TJ that I had to repaint the fenders because they were to faded.
  13. Gas mileage so far

    Anyone have info on gas mileage they have been getting so far? I am about 16 with a mix of driving in a rubicon. Not getting the 20mpg on window sticker. I assume that is based off sport model? I’m breaking the car in too so it’s not like I’m driving hard or anything either. What are you guys...
  14. Giant soft top box- Install instructions

    So when I picked up my Jeep it had the largest box I’ve ever seen in the back, I broke it down into smaller boxes that were inside. My question is does anyone have instructions or a video on eventually installing the soft top? Do some of the parts in the box get installed right away and stay on...
  15. Rear License plate mount

    Wanted to get everyones thoughts on where they intend on mounting their license plate now that the rear camera is smack in the middle of spare tire! Plan on getting a low profile aftermarket steel rear so will need to move the license plate...
  16. Ordering mopar parts

    Any info on when mopar accessories are available to order from the dealers? I know they said March for the lift kit, but wondering about the other items
  17. Drone flight over Toledo

    anyone live close enough to fly a drone over the facility and see how many JLs are on the lot?
  18. Spicer Advantek M220 Axles

    Anyone have any info on the new axles? Surprised no articles have been written about people taking them off the Colorado zr2s to test them for strength and size! According to Dana's website the Spicer Advantek m220 typical torque capacity is 7400Nm...from what I found on the D60 destructive...