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  1. California 5 Icon rebound Bronze + 5 Patagonia Milestar Tires $1700obo

    Selling a set of 5 Icon Rebound Bronze Wheels along with 5 Patagonia Milestar Tires. Drove about 6-7k Miles on them only. Selling because my lease is up and Im throwing on the original wheels/tires. No Tpms. Its basically a flawless brand new set. Spare set has never been used. Tires rotated...
  2. Dealership offering me Cash back to return my lease

    So this was my first time leasing, and my JL Sahara has been quite exciting to lease for the last 2.5 years. Ive been thinking about whether I want to buy it out, or return it altogether, and until today- I got a text from my dealer saying they are - "Looking to pull people out of their leases...
  3. Am I experiencing death wobble?

    I have 35s and I went to get an alignment done because the Jeep would steer to the right. After alignment, it still steers to the right. Is that death wobble?
  4. Is this wheel/tire combo a good deal?

    A shop is selling 5 milestar patagonias (315/70/r17) + 5 Icon Rebound Alloys for $1895. I'm wondering if I should jump on these. I've been eyeing the Icon Rebounds, but I'm not too sure about the patagonia.
  5. 315/70/r17 on stock Sahara?

    Anybody have pics of 315/70/r17 on a stock Sahara? Im wondering if there is rubbing while turning or full flex. Im considering a Rubicon takeoff suspension with .5 teraflex spacers, but I'm wondering if its really necessary. Also wondering if I need to change the tire carrier due to weight/size...
  6. California 2018 JL Sahara Wheels/Tires/no tpms $400 firm

    Selling all 5 Sahara JL Rims and Tires. Located in Corona, CA. Zip code 92880. Pick up only. $400.
  7. The Most Versatile Tire

    So Im looking for a 35 inch Tire (315/70/r17) to pair with Icon Rebound Wheels along with a 1 inch Spacer lift for a JL Sahara. Now Ive been searching and searching these forums along with Google and Ive seen mixed results on some of the most popular options. So my question is this- What is the...
  8. I am looking for a 1 inch spacer lift

    Can anybody recommend me a link to buy a 1 inch spacer lift? I only see teraflex 1/2 inch or 1.5 inch. Anything in between? Stock Sahara diameters are 32.1 inches, and my new installation diameter will be 34.4 inches, a difference of 2.3 inches. But I don't like too much gap so a 2 inch lift is...
  9. Sunrider for hardttop in TAN

    I just want that front passenger mod, where that part is soft top and can be folded while the rest of the jeep is hard top. Problem is I only see it in black. Wondering if Tan is or ever will be available?
  10. What upgrades do I need for offroading?

    I haveha JL Sahara and am considering getting 35 inch tires and black rhino wheels. I don't plan on doing "hardcore" Moab style offroading, but some light crawling, trailing, and mud are my preference. I'd like to know what else, in addition to the wheels, tires, and 2 inch lift, I would need...
  11. My JL Radio/Display went crazy

    Yesterday morning, I started the JL as any regular morning, only to notice the display went wild. Everything was clicking itself, jumping from radio station to radio station, and twitching. I turned everything off and turned it back on...same thing....then I just drove to my destination, and...
  12. Stock Speakers

    Anyone know the size of the stock Speakers? (Non Alpine). I think its actually 5 1/4 inches size, whereas, the JK size was 6.5inches. Can someone confirm the sizes and which speakers they recommend?? Thanks PS - I have a set or 4 JBL GTO 638s which are 6.5in and I'm very sure these wont fit in...
  13. Window Tint %

    Anybody know what % the Window Tint is? I want to get matching tints for the fronts.
  14. Stock JL Sahara Wheels+Tires for Sale

    Got the JL Sahara. The stock 5 Wheels and Tires are for sale. Shoot me your best offer. Located in Hershey, PA.
  15. Are we allowed to sell on here?

    I will have a spare set of JL Sahara wheels including the 5 tires. Am I allowed to sell here or is it against forum rules?
  16. Tire Size? Sidewall? Wheel Size? Best No Lift Combo

    I like a Wide tire stance, with some sidewall beef (but not so much where it doesnt look proportionate). I dont like too much gap between the Tires and Fenders but obviously they shouldn't Rub either. Im thinking of going anywhere between 70 and 20 inch wheels. I think if I go 20 inch wheels...
  17. I need suggestions

    I have a Black JL Sahara on order, and I am looking for Bronze wheels and tires. I dont intend to offroad too much at all. Just light, safe offroading once in a while with wife and kid. I would like a tire that performs well in everyday driving but has the capability to go off road if needed. I...
  18. Is this a good lease deal?

    JL Sahara 15k miles, 39 months 0.00196 Money Factor 63% Residual Value $5k down MSRP- $45,680 Selling price- $41,700 $380 a month for 39 months.
  19. My JL Sahara has been shipped from Toledo to Dealer.

    I just called FCA to get an update on the order of my JL. Theres no update on the tracking system on this site, but FCA just told me the vehicle has been released and shipped to my dealer, but theres no estimated time of arrival on it yet. I ordered on 11/18. Sahara.
  20. Cloth Low Back Bucket Seats for Sahara?

    what are these?? never heard of them...I ordered a sahara in leather...if this is cheaper and/or different than regular cloth, I may have to reconsider....thanks!