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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: Tazer JL Mini - Unmarried, updated and ready to go

    Unmarried, updated to latest release. For 2018-2022 JL, JLU, Gladiator $230 Venmo Only - shipping included to CONUS only
  2. Used Cooltech CB bracket to mount GMRS external antenna

    CB kinda sucks where I run so I've switched to GMRS radios. The bracket worked perfectly with the Midland NMO base. Kept the CB wire and the CB installed. Can swap in 5mins.
  3. Pennsylvania OEM 2019 Rubicon rock rails $100

    Take offs with all mounting hardware. Dirty but in excellent condition. Local pickup only 18045, Easton PA
  4. New Jersey Sold: Set of 5 - 2019 Jeep Rubicon wheels/tires with lug nuts and MOPAR locks

    As above, 5 Rubicon takeoff wheels, TPM sensors, lug nuts and tires with approx 7k miles and very slight rock rash as pictured below. Also included, 5 MOPAR OEM wheel locks with key. Price $1,200 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN EASTON AREA 18045
  5. What happens to the buyback Jeeps?

    Curious, many times these vehicles are basically new with extremely low miles. If I'm not mistaken, if a vehicle is returned under a lemon law in some states the title is marked as such. If FCA voluntarily buys it back there is no such requirement right? What becomes of these troublemakers?
  6. Pennsylvania Haarken hardtop lift for sale

    I have a used Harken lift for sale. Installed and used a few times, my replacement Wrangler has a sky roof so I no longer need it. Perfect condition, works great. $100, local pickup (Bethlehem Township, PA) or $120 shipped in the lower 48.
  7. Rubicon 2 and 4 door handling differences

    May have a possibility of acquiring a 2 door JL Rubicon and was wondering what the road manner differences between the JLU and JL models are. I love the JLUR I have but I'm curious if the shorter wheelbase gives a choppier ride or has any negative effects on road manners.