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  1. Fire Extinguisher Mounting Options for Soft Top

    Just as the title suggests. Many people mount their extinguisher on the roll bars but the soft top utilizes that rear roll bar area for the mounting brackets. Any other creative ideas for a 2.5lb extinguisher? Not interested in the element for now.
  2. What is this wire?

    I disconnected this wire for a second while installing a light bar. Now my check engine light is on. Did I do something wrong?
  3. Equal balancing compound and tire wobble?

    I have a bit of an odd situation. I had my Cooper STT Pros balanced with Equal compound at the local Town Fair Tire. I didn’t think to specify what pressure I will be running and the shop “balanced” them at 40 psi. I lowered the psi to 28 and get a considerable amount of steering wheel...
  4. Wheel weight difference: Black Rhino Armory vs KMC Machete 229

    I have a little mystery on my hands that I need help with. As far as I know, · The Black Rhino Armory wheels are alloys · The KMC Machete 229’s are aluminum · In addition, the BR is a bigger wheel (in terms of width 17x9.5 vs the KMC being 17x9). Yet the KMC’s weigh 37lbs...
  5. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Thread

    Hi Guys! I thought we could use a one-stop shop for deals and sales coming up for black Friday weekend. I saw a similar thread over at the gladiator forum so here it is. Post any good deals you find on JL parts. You can also post links from other threads to consolidate. So far I heard...