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  1. SunRider top - can’t get rear clamp to fit into place

    Do you have the sunrider on already? That clamp sandwiches the sunrider to the hardtop like a springless clothespin. I tried to install it first and that doesn't work, needs to be last.
  2. Ford Bronco Driver Ignores Road Closed Sign, Plunges Into Frozen River

    Shagging Sheep and blowing Broncos.... but really, it was gone for 6 months without a word. Long gone.
  3. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    The stripes are a nice touch, but if you really want the essence of the cj you have to add the flat steel bumpers.
  4. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    I'm one of the few people on this forum that likes bronco's. I owned a new '96 until 2010 and almost bought a new one instead of the jl. However, no offense to your neighbor, but that's not working for me. Something about the side shot with the top off and windows up is just really bad... and...
  5. Front Lockers

    If your rear is open, start there.... unless you're going through obstacles backwards?
  6. California 2022 D44 axles

    The front axle will be a direct swap from jt to jl, however, the rear has different mount points and will not bolt right up.
  7. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    I disagree, this is what happens when jeep and fiat collaborate - but only through marketing.... basically they took a fiat and branded it jeep
  8. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    Or the opposite of pulling out of the parking lot directly into the second or third lane seems to be becoming normal here in jersey
  9. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    This is a useless feature that i would prefer to keep. I will probably never use it, or if i do it will just be to try it out, but to me it is part of what makes a jeep unique.
  10. No oil on dipstick

    Maybe you didn't push the dip stick all the way down (trying to be positive). Otherwise, did you forget to insert and tighten the plug or new filter? Perhaps your new oil is on the ground. Else, did you account for the oil that was in the filter? Perhaps you put it in the wrong hole, what...
  11. Diesel Bump Stops

    not sure why they do it on the 392 and xr, but on further inspection on the diesel the crankcase is only about 2 3/4" from the diff housing/pumkin. I'm sure that's clear as mud, but taken from below and behind the pumpkin, the black thing on the bottom is the pumpkin and the silver thing on...
  12. Diesel Bump Stops

    Some pics for context
  13. Diesel Bump Stops

    My Stock bump stops with stock suspension on sport altitude allow for about a 1 1/4" up-travel before bottoming out. This means on old beat up roads and washed out fire roads it hits hard in every pothole or washed out trench. What are others doing? Can I simply put in shorter bump stops...
  14. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    If you're stock there is no secret sport mode beyond turning off traction control and/or enabling 4WD and flooring it. The throttle (gas pedal (or is it a diesel pedal)) is tuned such that the engine doesn't come alive until it's way down. In the first half to 3/4 of it's travel this thing...
  15. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    Deleted because I decided I was wrong.
  16. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    I had a CJ5 with the AMC304 for a very short time. Couldn't get clear title so I gave it back (that's a different story and different time- from the 80's) but that was so much fun!
  17. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    Grrrrrrrr... More like a dog protecting his turf..... Stand back, I may be rabid!
  18. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    I wasn't complaining, my last two rides got about 15 on a good day. I was just using the only advantage we have over the 6.4 to my favor.
  19. Tuned Diesel 0-60, what are you getting?

    I knew it was only a matter of time before a 6.4 jumped in....... so for +30K your beating us by 1.35s. But really, 4.3 seconds is respectable for any modern sports car. It would be interesting to see the short list of what can beat that in stock form. Are you running the XR package with...