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  1. Missouri Sold: Door alignment pins

    2 free sets of Kentrol 30717 Door Alignment Pins for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT. This is enough for 2 doors. If you have an unlimited it will get you half way there. ;) If there is no local interest I would consider shipping at receiver expense.
  2. Sold: Rear Steel Bumper

    Includes end caps. No parking sensors. Free for pick in Mid-Missouri.
  3. Missouri Sold: Maximus-3 Rear Tow Loops

    SOLD Loops attach to driver side stock tow hook location and the passenger frame rail with the hardware shown. Fits standard 3/4" D-ring. One has a minor abrasion. $100.
  4. Rubicon steel bumper fillers and backing plates

    After installing the winch and noticing how exposed the frame rails and fog lights were I decided to put my 3D printer to work and tidy it up. ---Added STL files for anyone interested.---
  5. 3D printed tube door hanger adapters

    If anyone has the ARC door hangers and access to a 3D printer here is an adapter that can be used to hang tube doors. These allow the tube doors to be hung on a wall and safely stored while not in use. Shown are the Rugged Ridge tube doors but others may fit. The diameter of the tube holder...