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  1. Auto Climate Control - Hi or Lo and nothing else

    I've been searching here and googling and still can't figure this out. My JLUR has been basically in storage for 6 months. Just got home, hooked the batteries back up, and now I have two issues: 1) auto climate control only has two temperature positions "Hi" and "Lo." If you try to move the...
  2. Michigan Sold: JLUR Rubicon suspension takeoff and Teraflex spacer kit

    About 1,000 miles before I took these off. Full Rubicon Unlimited suspension, including 4 springs, 4 shocks, 8 control arms, 4 drop links, front and rear trackbars. $250 or make an offer. Teraflex 1.5" spacer lift. $100 or make offer. Everything together: $300 or make offer. Pickup or meet...
  3. Which Skid Plates Provide the Best Ground Clearance?

    I'm looking for a skid plate system that provides the best ground clearance that is still strong and functional. I thought I saw a review for a system that claimed it actually INCREASED ground clearance compared to stock by something like 2". Of course, no amount of searching has helped me...
  4. Michigan Sold: Almost new JL Rubicon Wheels/Tires with TPMS

    I took these off within one week of purchase. So spare is brand new, other four have about 400 miles on them. The TPMS sensors are still installed. $1,250 or PM an offer. Near Ann Arbor, MI.
  5. Jmatt's Sting Gray Build

    So I picked up a new JLUR 10 days ago. This will be my wife's daily driver and she "doesn't want a stinking girl Jeep." (No offense to the ladies here.) Here's what I brought home.
  6. Help me Pick a New Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier

    I've got a JLUR on order now, and I bypassed the reinforced hinge-gate and steel bumpers options in favor of aftermarket. I'm hoping to find a bumper mounted tire carrier, with adjustments for height of tire based on tire size. I'd like it to be one step tailgate opening, rather than open the...