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  1. Tire pressure makes huge difference in ride quality

    That's what I'm running on my D 37's as well. 28 psi cold. I'm almost tempted to try 24 as a daily on ashphalt lolll Yeah, 3 years after the fact, in retrospect, unless you are carrying heavy gear, eauipment around on a daily basis, and/or running on some really nasty, rock crawling sharp rock...
  2. 3.6L burns oil on steep inclines

    I believe you, but in theory, if you were to be on an incline, for far too long, wouldn't it fill the catch can, right up to the brim? The Teraflex thingy, instead of collecting the oil, it would instead dump the excess oil, right back down to the oil pan again. I think the latter sounds like...
  3. 3.6L burns oil on steep inclines

    Money all aside, which of the two options is the best solution? A reputable catch can, or the Teraflex Crancase Vent System Kit? 🤔
  4. RedLine oil made my JL run quieter and smoother - AGAIN!

    Group V Ester base stock oils, are extemely good when the going gets hot and real, and this I can attest to. However, I'm still waiting for a verdict on this next question. Is it true, that they are not AS friendly on the engine seals, as Group IV and III oils are?
  5. Premium Soft Top vs Regular: Worth the $ Difference?

    I agree, because the other day I noticed, that the standard top's type of black, matches a lot closer, with the rest of the vehicles black plastic exterior parts 👍, especially if the fenders are the black matte ones, and not the painted ones. The look looks "complete" with the standard top. The...
  6. Fender flare extensions?

    Lot's of posts now about drilling these out. I can't wait to read the procedure about how to install them on non-xr applications.
  7. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better?? Easy peazy. -opt for the Forced Induction application if you live at altitude. Physics. -opt for the 2.0 Forced Induction application if you are seriously into the Chip Tuning modding world - opt for the V6, for silkier smooth, quiet operation(you won't...
  8. WOT, Redline Passing Power (Downshift Observations) at 65-70mph, From 8th Gear, With 4.10 VS 4.56 VS 4.88 VS 5.13 Gear Ratios

    Noooooooooooo muuust__rezist.... Plz don't give me ideas! 🤤 I promised myself this would be my last new Wrangler for the next 10-15 years. You see, 37 inchers, full skid plates, MC lift, yada yada.. I even personally, painstakingly might I add, Fluid Filmed every single nook and cranny...

    I feel like designing a sarcastic GIF, picturing a sudden grim, post Apocalyptic world, which was brought on by the help of the brain dead, Orwellian woke/sheeple), and show in that GIF, that even during that post Apocalyptic time, the woke, or whatever they are called, would still be ranting...
  10. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    I think I just figured it out 💡 Light for light, you are correct with the TRX light ; ) I think were the Bronco'esque look comes from with the Oracle, is not the light itself, but simply the overall flush look on a boxy shape. When you zoom out a bit, and include into the picture, all of the...
  11. No more engine covers on the 3.6?

    Covid era vehicles seem to be getting stranger and stranger....:whatsgoingon:
  12. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    I honestly thought that I was the only member on here, who thought this, so I kept 😶. Glad to see I wasn't alone. : ) My first, split second impression, after seeing these Oracle flush lights, was exactly that, for whatever reason(s), which made zero sense. After I did a search engine image...
  13. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I hope they choose you as a test mule 👍. I'm a firm believer in a good riding JL without a steering stabilizer as a bench mark, before adding one on. I consider them as band-aid solutions. Sadly, sometimes though, the band-aid, in this case the stabilizer, becomes the only solution to mild...

    You mean devoid of the corrupt humans, not ALL humans ;).
  15. How do I stop my JL from reporting daily the mileage, oil condition etc.. t the Jeep dealer electronically?

    This is not true at all ;) Couldn't care less about some Orwellian 🐑🐑🐑, that think those who do care about our God given Privacy and Freedoms, being stripped away from us, are being "facetious" lolll. Linux is how I roll. Whether it be phone, or desktop, Linux is great start ;).
  16. Diesel in snow problems- Update 1/27/22 Page 12.

    Thank you for sharing. 👍 It doesn't look that bad at all, dare I call it normal. Did any snow make it inside of the filter box?