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  1. Maintenance on a Wrangler for Longetivity?

    Cartridge filter up top. 24mm socket takes the cap right off. Change the filter and o ring. Oil change is easy. Don't even need a jack. Haven't got enough miles to need to do anything rlse on mine yet.
  2. Took delivery of your 392? Post a picture here!

    . I really want to see one of these high velocity ones in person. Seems like every picture I see online is slightly different
  3. 2023 Jeep Wrangler 392 Invoice & MSRP Pricing - Order Banks Open for Sold orders 6/2/2022

    Not sure on Gorilla Glass, but I have a quote already with the trailcam
  4. Radio issues after dash panel install.

    Thanks for the info. Mine did eventially fix itself also. Not sure how long it took, I just rode the motorcycle for a few days and then checked it again.
  5. Radio issues after dash panel install.

    Anyone have the same issue? I replaced my red dash panels with the leather jt launch edition ones. I followed a decent video that had you disconnect the battery prior so there would be no airbag accidents. Got the install done and now my 8.4 radio does not show SiriusXM, is missing other...
  6. Picking out 2019 or 2020 Rubicon

    We drove a 2019 2 door rubicon with the e-torque 2.0l. I loved it, then we drove a 2020 ESS 2.0l also a 2dr rubicon, and I felt as if it was really missing the added torque from the BSG.