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  1. Sky-One-Touch ripped / punctured, any help on what went wrong?

    Hey everyone, so after 42k miles and just shy of 2 years, my SOT has broken in a kinda weird way. When putting it up today, the top pushed 2 thing pieces of metal through the sailcloth fabric when I was trying to close it. Not 100% sure what the metal went to as its tough to see what's going...
  2. Replacing Crossmember / Skid Plate bolts size ?

    Does anyone have the size or link to replacements for the bolts for attaching the crossmember and skid plates? I believe they are M10 x 1.50 x 35.00 but not sure if that's the exact size for replacements.
  3. AZ - anyone have a spare stock.rear driveshaft?

    Might be a long shot but does anyone around the Tucson Area have a stock rear driveshaft laying around? I scraped the snot out of mine and it's out of balance now creating a vibration. New one is ordered but lost on FedEx hell in Phoenix and I'm trying to get out this weekend.
  4. You know how jeepers be

    This video was put out together by one of the guys I was out crawling with a little bit ago from 2nd Hand Overland. Not gonna lie, I think he got many of us dead on.
  5. Air Compressor Options

    So I'm finally looking at getting a decent compressor, should I just go with the Viair 400P or are there option options out there with better value?
  6. Question about Spidertrax Spacers Install

    So I just got my SpiderTrax spacers and I had a question about how long or if I need to wait for the red thread locker to cure. My goal was to get them on tonight but since I need to drive tomorrow, do I need to wait to install so they can cure once installed?
  7. Spacers needed on 315/70R17 Patagonias with MC 2.5 and stock wheels?

    I'm wondering if anyone has run 315/70R17 Patagonias with MC 2.5 and stock wheels? I'm getting them on next week but am not sure if i need spacers.
  8. Anyone around Sedona round 24th of October?

    I'm headed up to Sedona, hopefully the morning of the 25th of October, to run Schnebly Hill Road for my first badged trail. Still learning the ins and outs of rock crawling but heard it shouldn't be too bad. Even so, if anyone is around would love to meet some peoples on a morning run before...
  9. LCG Build-up, 35s or 37s?

    I'm looking for some help on deciding whether I want to go with 35s or 37s while keeping a low center of gravity on my JLUR. My previous jeep was a 2012 JKU and I was running 35s on that with no lift by swapping out the fenders for the poison spyder tube fenders with no fender liners and it...
  10. Heck of a packing job by LoD!

    Just got to my JLUR a new present today and gotta say, Load and Quadratec really know how to pack stuff securely! I had to do some touch up work on my GoRhino sliders but no worries on this set.
  11. Anyone purchased Rusty's rear bumper?

    Looking at rear bumper options and wanted to see if a home had experience with Rusty's rear bumper. I'm going with the LoD destroyer front and the go rhino d6 steps for the side and wasn't a huge fan of either or their offerings for the rear. Rusty's looks like it's a well made but simple...
  12. 3,000 in the first week!

    So probably not my smartest decision ever, but in the first week I had my Jeep we went on a 3,000 mile cross-country trek and thought I would share what I learned about my 2020 JLUR. My Jeep is a JLUR with the 3.6L and the automatic transmission and I also added the tow package, the LEDs, and...
  13. Pretty wicked windshield rock damage in the first week

    Just finished up a hell of a roadtrip to get my Jeep from Criswell up in Maryland to Tucson AZ and had this beast of a rock come off a fuel truck and nail me pretty good. First Wrangler in a few years so guess I'm going to get used to doing windshield replacements more often!