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  1. Rubicon Build General Thoughts

    Have a 21’ e-torque. Wheeling it stock for the summer to get the feel of it. Already have an exhaust leak 😂 good shop to seal it. I’m looking at 37’s, 3.5”, and a brake kit. Help me and others if you’ve run something similar or your build! I ran 35’s on base Sport axles and gears with no...
  2. Height on 37's with 3.5" Lift

    Basically looking to see what sort of height you guys are running with a soft top and I can still garage it. My 18 Sport fit just fine with 35's and 2.5" but going to go bigger on my new Rubi over the summer and want to make sure it can still fit. My math is close but any help would be appreciated!
  3. Exhaust Leak/Rattle After Off-Roading for the First Time

    Did a little event Saturday in my new 21 JLUR. 3.6. Noticed a rattling noise when accelerating on the ride home assume i pushed something into the exhaust. Had a tech at my dealership look at it today he said its an exhaust leak up in the engine bay most likely? Any similar experiences or...
  4. JLUR Questions - value of the HD 4:1 and how the sway bar disconnects works?

    Looking at ‘21 getting rid of my Sport S cuz values are insane right now. If any can explain the value of the HD 4:1 and how the sway bar disconnects works I would greatly appreciate it. Do I still have to manually reconnect them, reposition them out of the way off-road?
  5. 5 Point Harness Options

    Hey guys, looking into putting a harness into my front seats. My girlfriend was in a car accident 9 years ago and suffered a spinal cord injury and is in a wheelchair. So while she has some sensations in her legs she can't support herself properly offroad and wants a harness to keep her snug in...

    Has anyone installed these in either their JL or JK? My girlfriend has a spinal cord injury and is in a wheelchair, so she would like to come off-roading with me but would only feel comfortable in either a 4 or 5 point harness. I don't really feel like going the new seat route since I'm 6'4" and...
  7. MOPAR Aux switch install whoopsie

    So I may or may not have pulled the wire out of the pin that goes into the harness when removing orange wire #13. Any suggestions to find a replacement pin and how to get the one still in there out? Not sure what it controls but my start/stop isn't functioning. Which if that's all that wire does...
  8. Best Seat Covers For Dogs

    My girlfriend's Golden makes my life hell. Easiest clean and cheapest price! Go!
  9. 32.5" to 35" wowzers.

    Went from some Nitto Trail Grapplers to Milestar Patagonia M/T's and I cannot believe how much that size difference made on the trails! 5 of us took on Crawl Daddy at Rausch Creek (PA) with 3 of us on 35" and we kicked it's ass! Never really felt myself dragging underneath and the green trails...
  10. Pennsylvania Sport S Wheels and Tires. No TPMS

    Taken off at 1,500 miles. $400 OBO. Don't mind a little drive right now to meet up.
  11. Pennsylvania Various Sport Parts

    $20 a part or offer me something. Central PA and I don't mind a drive to meet right now. $50 if you want the whole front bumper and parts. Halogen Headlights Halogen Foglights Front Bumper Fender Flares and liners front and rear (not pictured)
  12. Thunderer Trac Grips

    Looking to go up to a 35" M/T on my Sport. Probably gonna end up going with some Patagonia's but my parts department found these for pretty cheap ($184 a tire) all the reviews I could find were truck owners. Anyone go this uber budget route?
  13. Windrock TN Adive/Tips

    Doing a family trip down to Knoxville next month and I am heading down early to do a weekend at Windrock. Coming from Central, PA there's a nice forum to plan groups and stuff but couldn't find anything similar for Windrock (I know about the staging area). Any tips on the general area and how to...
  14. Headlight Adjust Broken

    Picked up some Mopar LED headlights from Northridge back in Oct when they had some money off em. I was able to use a long Phillips head to adjust the passenger side down just fine, but the driver side just spins around when i attempt to adjust. I'm sure I can mail it back for a replacement unit...
  15. Pennsylvania Sport Bumper/ Halogen Lights

    Headlights - $70 Fog lights - $25 Willing to ship either and split the cost Bumper and parts just looking to get $20 for it, pick up only. Dented on passenger side. Air dam has scratches. Will include the hardware I didn't reuse. Don't mind driving a little to meet up
  16. Upgrading Springs

    So I had a shop do my suspension upgrade last year. JKS 2.5" kit. I foolishly did not think to go with the HD springs, I will be switching over to those now however. If anyone has a guide they did or used to swapping out just the springs I would appreciate it! I do have access to lift for this
  17. Soft Top Stuck On Harness When Down

    Basically title. If I have my harness connector and washer fluid line fastened in the little hole for it the soft top gets hung up on it while folded down. Any solutions or a better location for it?
  18. Differential Oil

    Putting some Motobilt's on and just want to make sure I have the right product here. Sport axles, not limited slip in the rear. Genuine Chrysler Fluid 5136035AA Synthetic Axle Lubricant SAE 75w-85
  19. Rock Sliders/Steps

    Looking for some options outside of the normal Quadratec/Extreme terrain options as I have come across anything I'm super excited by yet. Any brands you guys have fallen in love with that sell on there websites you could recommend? Moderate off-roading and appearance so ideally not anything with...
  20. WTB: JLU Rubicon Front Bumper/Fender Flares PA

    Central PA. Just looking to replace my JLU sport fenders and bumper with the Rubicon fenders and plastic stubby front bumper. The bumper is purely for aesthetics but I do need the higher fender. Would prefer to pick up.