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  1. Mounting the Garvin interior Rotopax mount and the Dominion stealth hi-lift mount

    Anyone out there know if they can both be mounted and not interfere with each other? I want to mount a single water roto pax and the hi-lift plus krazy beaver. I doubt it will work but figured I'd ask. Thanks...
  2. Interior Rotopax mounting for water pack

    Anyone have a solution? I've seen JK's mount them to the rear roll bar, is there something for the JL?
  3. How good is the uConnect GPS system?

    My JL doesn't get here until next month so I need some feedback. I'm shopping for a garmin inReach for the SOS and texting features. I think a setup of an inReach mini providing satellite service to my tablet running Gaia will be a good setup. But I don't plan on always taking my tablet with me...
  4. Vented seats for 2022?

    On page 22 of the 2022 manual it talks about the driver vented seat feature if equipped. I've not seen anything on this feature for the wrangler.
  5. How did you spend your first drive when you picked up your JL?

    I'm expecting an early March delivery and I'm coming up with a list of places to go after rolling off the dealer lot. What did you do on your first drive?
  6. Sliders with removeable steps

    Do they exist? My wife will be 8 months pregnant when my ride gets delivered and I'm assuming she's going to have trouble getting in. Would be nice to have the steps for the 99% of the time I drive but can still easily remove the step portion when going wheelin'.
  7. Winch mounting on top vs inside bumper

    I'm getting close to buying a front bumper for my JLURXR. I'm taking a hard look at the LOD signature and destroyer stubby's and the rage 4th. I'd like to hear opinions on winch mounting on top of the bumper vs inside the bumper. The way I see it, an inside mounting looks cleaner but sticks out...
  8. How do I get my VIN from my order?

    I ordered a JL this month and I asked the salesman when I'll get my VIN and he told me I won't get one and they won't when know when it's ready until it comes in. I see many people here get their VIN's is there another I can get mine outside of direct through my dealer? I don't think they're...
  9. There is no perfect engine

    I'll be ordering a 2022 JLUR this month but I'm not excited about any of the engine options. The 3.6 w/ess has the crappy motorcycle battery that seems to fail far too early, plus it's manual only which I don't want on a DD/wheeler. The 3.6 etorque has a complex secondary battery system that I'm...
  10. Place your bets, when will 2022 be announced?

    Rumor has it that orders open October 6. Presumably they will announce the 2022 prior to orders opening, when do you think that will happen? There's not much time left!
  11. Interest Rates

    I'll be placing my order in about a month and wondering what kind of interest rates to expect when financing through jeep with top tier credit.
  12. Would you get the the rock-trac t-case for your rubicon if you could do it all over again?

    Jeep is making it seem like the rock-trac is the superior option as it's the only option on the 392 and 4xe rubicon, well the 392 isn't exactly a rock-trac but it is a full-time system. I'm planning my JLURXR and stuck between the two transfer case options. I understand how they work but all the...
  13. Snow and ice performance

    I get a lot of 31 degree rain where I live and road conditions can be tricky. The roads will go from a sheet of ice like glass, then snow on top of it, followed by a slight melt off, then another freeze. I currently drive a lifted WJ with AT tires and full time 4wd and it was fantastic in our...
  14. XR Package Now Live on Build 'em up! I'll putting putting my order in this October.
  15. Gecko Color and Gorilla Glass Now on Wrangler Build & Price

    The standard engine is a 3.6 upg, what is upg? The 2.0 is a -$1,000 option 3.6 etorque $750 option 3.0 dropped to $3,500 Gecko added as on option, note "Limited Edition Gecko" Gorilla glass now listed on the website
  16. Gecko is in, Sarge Green and Snazzberry are out!

    When building a 4xe on you can see the new color lineup. Don't kill the messenger!
  17. How did you decide on your engine?

    What were the driving factors that lead to your engine choice? I've been on the fence between the 3.6 and the 2.0T. I'm leaning towards the 3.6 because of the long track record, smooth power, and the sound, sound is oddly important to me. What I don't like is the reduced fuel economy and lower...
  18. Census: What engine is in your JL?

    I thought it would be interesting to see what variety of engines are owned by the forum members. No fighting!
  19. Extra weight affecting performance?

    Have any of you that have driven other wranglers noticed any loss of off-road performance due to all the extra weight? I'm wondering if things like sidehilling, descents, and tricky sections are a little bit harder for the 3.0. Looking at the DEF tank makes me think it loses some departure angle...
  20. How are your seats holding up?

    I have every option picked out for a new Rubicon except for cloth or leather seats. I like leather better in pretty much every way, but for some reason cloth in a Rubicon seems natural. It's almost like leather feels too upscale for a "hardcore off-road" vehicle. For those with cloth, are the...