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  1. Speaker replacement upgrade

    If you are going to do one over the other, upgrading the speakers will give you better sound than just upgrading and amp. I would argue that upgrading the amp and not the speakers would produce worse sound.
  2. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Ok, so I do not believe the factory Alpine amp is rated for a 2 ohm load. I would think they produce these a economically as possible, and being a complete engineered system for the vehicle, they are not manufacturing them for applications where there will be much variability. As for the...
  3. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Do you mean the premium factory installed Alpine? The "stock" radio is not Alpine. What do you mean by "full range of sound"? Are you referring to the full spectrum of frequencies?
  4. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Yeah, I get the amp is capable of handling 4 ohms per channel. Problem is if you have two 4 ohm speakers wired in series on each channel for the sound bar, your amp is seeing an 8 ohm load per channel.
  5. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Ok, but the parallel calculation for your front speakers is (4*8)/(4+8) = 3 (rounded) Thought you said you wired the speakers on the sound bar in series (which just adds the impedence of the speakers together).
  6. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Is this correct? The stock stereo is 4 ohms wired in parallel to 2x 8 ohm speakers - resulting in a 4 ohm load for the amplifier. If you wire 2x 4 ohm in series it results in a 8 ohm load for the amplifier.
  7. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    It has been 28 years since I got my first YJ and 21 years since I sold my '97 TJ. Surprised the kids with this yesterday. Sport S w/ Max Tow, Tech, Active Safety, Cold Weather, Bedliner and Side Steps.
  8. Criswell Jeep - Highly Recommended!

    Yeah, I'm at about 2.9% at my credit union in NY.
  9. Criswell Jeep - Highly Recommended!

    I figured since they gave me an addl 1% off for financing through them it would be still be competitive. Came in close to 7% interest. I have another call with them tomorrow. Will see what I can get.
  10. Criswell Jeep - Highly Recommended!

    Thanks. I was quoted I think something like 149 for the wheel locks. I was also given a finance rate that undid about half of the overall discount and got me back to the same all-in price I could get in NY.
  11. Criswell Jeep - Highly Recommended!

    Did you finance through them? Also what type of dealer fees did you pay?
  12. White 2 Door Rubi 15%

    You can almost never trust an advertised price on dealer websites. Most don't include freight (which is on the sticker and part of MSRP) and most show the price with every available incentive. This one clearly states "Freight is not included in the advertised price on CDJR new cars." Which...
  13. When negotiating a price.......

    Just be careful. Lots of sketchy dealers re add the destination charge after they discount. Then they try justifying it by telling you it's a flat charge and they can't do anything to discount it. But when they quote you the n% off, it's always taken off of the full MSRP (which contains...
  14. Confused with my sales tax

    Yes, 8.875 and there is no maximum limit on the amount of tax you will pay. Only break you get in NY is that if you trade a vehicle, you do not pay tax on the trade in, as you do in some states. That's why if you are trading in a car, try to maximize the trade in.
  15. Manual With doors and top off

    Turn wheels San Francisco style. In all my years with a manual, never had anyone mess with it.
  16. Tail pipe submerge question

    Not to mention you need to divide the increased tire size by 2 (only half of the tire is below the center of the axle). So a 30 to 32 inch tire will only life the vehicle 1 inch.
  17. Driving Stick at the Toledo Plant

    It would be interesting to make friends there and see if they could get pics of your special order vehicle as it makes it way down the line.
  18. Driving Stick at the Toledo Plant

    Another fun post today. I am not certain what they are taking about. Can someone translate and tldr?