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  1. Going Metal-less

    Anyone go this way? I'm thinking of getting rid of as much metal in my winching gear as possible. I saw a video where the author got rid of his metal winch hook/shackle. He showed some videos of ropes breaking and the hook/shackle flying through the windshield. I get it. Having a big...
  2. Ancra - The Quality Brand of Cam Tie Downs

    I got tired of all the cheap chinese tiedowns mixed in with my stuff. Years ago, I had all Ancra cam tiedowns and they slowly disappeared. I was left with cheap junk. The chinese tiedowns have straps as thin as a brazier strap. The slide to one side in the cam and jamb up the works. I...
  3. In for a Nickel, In for a Dollar

    Well, a lot more than a dollar. I just told my friend/shop owner I'm going forward with 37s, wheels, 3.5" MC lift with adj arms and Rocksport long travel shocks, aluminum skids, tire carrier. He's going to price out the parts and labor over the next few days.
  4. 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T & Icon Rebound Pro beadlocks?

    I'm about to replace my tires and have been doing more recreational off-roading (as opposed to hunting off-roading) on a couple BOH trails and plan to do more. I have a life-long friend that's in poor health that I think we need to do things together. We're both in our mid 60s and I'm...
  5. Genesis Scare Last Night

    I needed to run a couple errands and grab takeout around dusk yesterday. Loaded the dog and pushed the start button. Heard a click, then nothing. No dash lights, nada. All the worries of my recently installed (month?) Genesis system ran thru my mind. Neighbor loaned me his new Ram Hemi...
  6. How Much Stuff is Too Much Stuff?

    I'm going out this morning to run a BOH trail. This is probably my first intentional recreational trail run in a jeep that's mine. I bought my Jeep 3 years ago to bird hunt with. But in the past few months I've been thinking I need another year round activity. I've been with Jeep groups...
  7. Rocky Gap in the morning

    I'm heading out early to run Rocky Gap tomorrow. I'll stop in Apple Valley and pick up a friend and then head there. Should be on the trail by 10am ish.
  8. My Tow Vehicle Oil Leak Fixed

    I noted over the past couple years that I had developed an oil leak on the front area of my tow vehicle's engine. It's a 2014 GMC 1500 crew, with a Gen V LS 5.3L. It must have started well before the pandemic, because I really haven't gone on any trips or put many miles on it since retiring in...
  9. Which Dometic CFX fridge size? (on sale for Memorial Day)

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a Dometic fridge, since they're on sale right now and I'm going to want one for a couple trips this year. My question is: Which size have you 4 door guys been getting? I thought it was the 55qt?
  10. Soft Shackles, Recovery Ropes, Rings and Hooks

    I have some basic recovery gear, I bought at 4wheelparts and some I've collected over the years. But I want to improve my selection. I was wondering if any of the stuff on Amazon is decent gear or just more Chinese junk. Are $200 ropes and $50 soft shackles going to outperform the Amazon...
  11. Custom Jacks

    I fabricated and adapted some parts to make some 30" 24" travel 7500Lb scissor jacks work for my JL. They easily lifted half the JLUR 2 wheels off the ground and had more travel to spare. If I add some base plates or go to the frame instead of the rock rails, it will lift that much higher...
  12. Remove Muffler before Rock Crawling?

    I've been thinking about the Rubicon and things I'd like to do before running it. The thought of removing the muffler crossed my mind, since I'd seen so many pictures or videos of mufflers being smashed. There's a coupling right at the top of the axle loop. I could make up a short bend to...
  13. Jeep turned into a Hot Dog
  14. AGM battery charger-conditioner & Load tester

    Looking for recommendations here. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my 35+ year old battery charger to something more hi-tech. Also, I would like to be able to load test batteries. I don't need these to be all one tool. I've been browsing Optima, Schumacher, etc.
  15. Champion batteries opinion?

    Any opinions on Champion AGM batteries? I can find them (group 25 for a Genesis dual battery system) locally for $209 then get a 10% senior discount. I was shopping for a pair of decent AGM batteries that weren't $300+ each. Other suggestions are welcome.
  16. FAD side axle remove and reinstallation

    I'm about to tackle the passenger side of the JL to install Reid knuckles and was wondering the process of removing and reinstalling the axle on this side as opposed to the driver side? Any difference? Do I have to open up the FAD?
  17. New Metal Oil Filter Housing

    Maybe somone else has posted this, but I thought it should be posted here. Maybe even pinned, since the 3.6 L has a chronic problem with the plastic oil filter housing breaking and leaking, especially as it ages. Dorman came out with this all metal housing last fall. To replace your plastic...
  18. Rubicon Trail Prep, Equipment & Mods

    I'm thinking I want to run the Rubicon for a bucket list of sorts. I have a 2018 JLUR, stock suspension, Warn 10S, some recovery gear, SteerSmarts tierod draglink, front trackbar & Synergy rear trackbar, OEM cast iron steering box. But the thing I'm probably more concerned about is "under...
  19. Best Fridge-Dometic or ARB?

    Been thinking about a fridge. Not looking for the cheapest. Looking for the best, most reliable, best features, best warranty, best customer support, etc..
  20. Part number changes

    I was browsing steering knuckles for the 392 and thought I'd look to see if the balljoints are different for the 392. Well, sort of. The 392 specifies 68531030AB. My older 2018 JLUR now specifies the same 68531030AB. However, the older part number for my 2018 is 68388819AA. I'm...