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  1. Baby's First Rock-Rash's bound to happen. Defecation occurs when it comes to using your vehicles.
  2. Gaia GPS or On X Offroad?

    You can avoid that loss of detail on onX if you add a satellite receiver unit, such as a Garmin InReach, to your vehicle. Having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto helps somewhat as well. Use it, depending on your phone type, to display your map from the phone to the head unit.
  3. I can’t decide which engine and transmission to get

    I have the 2.0T with the 8-spd auto and I love it. The 2.0 is a hoot to drive and that auto trans has a manual shift option so I'm not totally shiftless when I drive it. Good luck with your choice.
  4. Arizona Offroaders- Offroad Events Schedule

    There are several FB groups scattered across the state such as Arizona Jeepers , there is a site called Offroad Passport, another called Red Rock 4-Wheelers, and others.
  5. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    PM sent
  6. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    yes, what account?
  7. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    No, I do not.
  8. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    How do you want the $100 sent to you? I prefer PayPal if that's OK with you.
  9. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    If you aren't sure then how do I know what to send you as payment?
  10. Pennsylvania Mopar OEM Fuel Cap Door

    Interested. Can you get a shipping quote to zip 85119?
  11. Over invoice

    It's just a supply & demand issue. Less supply + more demand = Higher Cost.
  12. Looking to get a GMRS handheld

    I'm really happy with the two Baofeng G11S units I purchased through Amazon. Simple design, GMRS radio functions only, and they work well.
  13. Ohio (5) Nitto Ridge Grapplers 34” 285/75/r17 - 5k miles - $850

    That info is in the thread title. 5K miles.
  14. Tires on a wrangler Willys

    Not bad on rock but much slippier on them due to the hard rubber lugs with no siping. In deep sand, such as all the washes we drive through here, they just dig down into the sand vs. track over it. Really, they are not that great for the conditions here.
  15. How does fuel economy change with a wider tyre?

    A wider tire may also be heavier, so it adds weight which affects mileage. Further a wider tire creates just a bit more wind resistance which also affects mileage. How much that translates into mpg loss is dependent on a lot of variables.
  16. Tires on a wrangler Willys

    2021 Willys purchased on 2/5/2021. Came with the white lettered Firestone Destination M/T tires. Hated 'em. Worst darn tire for offroading in this part of the world. Changed them out within a month of the purchase date.
  17. Don't laugh please

    I had the door handle pockets covered with a Clear Bra material to avoid such scratches. It works well.
  18. Help with backspacing / identification

    Those look like Fuel Beast wheels, marketed by MHT, with a +1mm positive offset. MHT/Fuel shows that for a 5x127 lug pattern wheel in 17", they are a 9" wide wheel with a 5.040" backspacing. Here is a link to the MHT/Fuel 1-piece wheels: Fuel Beast 1-Piece Wheels
  19. Auto or stick?

    I didn't like the long, mushy take-up of the clutch in the current Wrangler JL. The shifter throw from gear to gear seemed vague as well. I drove a V6 manual, a V6 auto and a 2.2L T with an auto when out shopping for my Willys. I decided on the 8-spd auto with the manual shift feature. It's a...