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  1. Cam shaft position sensor - code po345 & po390

    Good luck with that, let us know if it fixes anything. My bet is on no, but I’ve been wrong before.
  2. Won't start at 15% grade under 1/4 tank

    Well there goes that then.
  3. Won't start at 15% grade under 1/4 tank

    you are facing up slope, yeah? OP appears to have been facing downhill, thus allowing fuel to flow away from the pump. No bueno
  4. trying to pick a complete steering setup is not as fun as i would like

    The sector shaft braces are pretty much useless for you.
  5. Do I need to get a new front track bar and LCA’s for a 2.5” lift?

    You need an adjustable rear track bar for the exact same reason as the front.
  6. 2022 6 speed.. from Japan?

    Correct. Which really, surprises me at how low quality it is.
  7. 2019 JLUR New Noise In The Steering System

    Yea that’s going to be the problem. I recommend you order parts now and fix it in two months when they show up.
  8. 2019 JLUR New Noise In The Steering System

    What do you mean by slop? In which direction?
  9. Leather seat damage after using heated seats

    it just goes away after a while. I recommend folding a towel on the seat when you’re wet.
  10. Xtreme Recon Drag Link TOAST already!

    Better to replace with heavy duty stuff when this kind of thing happens, no matter the mileage.
  11. "Performance Limited" Error code

    what exactly did they determine was the problem with the pump? Sounds like more guesswork from FCA part changers.
  12. MC Gamechanger

    I highly recommend metalcloak’s tie rod and drag link. Not so much the steering stabilizer though.
  13. Brake Light Stays Illuminated on 4xe - tech issue

    May need to add some brake fluid. The “BRAKE” light is not just the parking brake light.
  14. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    30 degree temperature changes are nothing compared to the 150 change from garage temp to operating.

    DTC’s dont set for no reason. Be careful, and good luck.
  16. Hello, I’m getting Code : p0489 on my 2018 wrangler JL

    It’s not under warranty.
  17. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    Whatever you do, don’t listen to the guy that said to drive it anyway.
  18. Heated steering wheel smoked out

    Steering column control modules do have to be programmed, unfortunately.
  19. Heated steering wheel smoked out

    It appears to be an nonfused circuit, straight from the SCCM to the heater wire.