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  1. Your favorite mods

    Real speakers in place of the "Alpine" garbage they charge a fortune for.
  2. wow this is cool, new aftermarket dash

    Funny how hitting your finger with a hammer automatically equates pain..............
  3. Which grill? Its hard to decide.

    Yep go Grumper if the goal is to look a ridiculous as possible while proving the poor Jeep will never see the trails.
  4. Saw this at a trade show today

    That is butt A$$ ugly.
  5. Jeep Inline 6 Engine to Debut in April

    Don't see the point when you have the 3.6? In what universe is the 3.6 the optimum motor for low rpm torque and horsepower? The 3.6L should be buried and never return.
  6. What's the best snow broom/brush?

    No one has mentioned a leaf blower. Granted it doesn't work too well on a foot of wet snow, but with the dryer stuff it works ok.
  7. 2021 willys is 1"+ higher than 2016 sahara--age or coils?

    Uh isn't the 16 a JK? So yea the 16 is not as tall, and that "willy's" has leaf springs. LOL
  8. Already down at 3,605 miles :(

    That is for rental and/or hotel in most cases.
  9. Lite Brite breaks RPM Steering Tie Rod

    Oh dear, I did something extreme and broke something. Yawn, boring, move on! From the looks of it, ANY and ALL brands would have bent and or broke in that situation. FACT, you do extreme rock crawling you WILL break shit.
  10. Is the JL generation history in the making?

    The JL is "better" than previous gens in many aspects yes. However I will never miss the 3.6L, which is a decent engine in a small car, but abysmal in a Wrangler. Peak torque is barely higher than the superbly crappy 3.5L, yes it has more HP but I'm not crawling trails at 6000 rpm. Frankly I...
  11. Trail Recon: 10 things Bronco has that the Jeep Wrangler needs

    Only one thing the Bronco has the Jeep needs...........................the Turbo.
  12. Would you sell now or later

    I think there is HARD crash coming for used car prices. When is anyone's guess, the chip "shortage" is not going to last.
  13. What do you believe the designers and engineers got right on the JL?

    Having owned many, including an MB when I was too young to drive it on the road, here's my thoughts; It is just a uncomfortable, under powered and stellar off road as the original.
  14. 3.0L “Tornado” Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models?

    V8's are going the way of the Dodo, since that I6 is replacing the V8 I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for it to make it's way in the Wrangler as the main engine. My guess would be the I6 will be your HALO vehicle engine and the majority of Wranglers will see turbo 4 hybrids to meet the EPA...
  15. Jeep vs not a Jeep

    If it looks like this then it's not a jeep.
  16. FRAM Ultra @20K Miles

    Why? $30 more for oil filters keep you from eating? Buying diapers for kids? Paying house payment? Seriously WHY?
  17. Poor unsafe wet pavement performance new tires

    If that's the case then that is one crappy tire.
  18. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    Yep, for 90%+ of the soccer moms that buy a Wrangler, the Bronco would be a better choice. I see no harm in saying that, and really wish they would buy it instead of the Wrangler. Maybe then I wouldn't see so many mall crawlers.