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  1. Oil capacity aluminum oil pans vs steel pans?

    Does anybody know if the oil capacity has changed with the oil pan change from the large aluminum to the smaller steel one?
  2. Fellow 392XR brethren

    Did you get the Mopar jackstand/base when you got your Jeep? Mine is MIA.
  3. As a new 392XR owner...

    Ask me anything.
  4. Product request.. rocker panels that also have UHMW skins?

    Does anyone make rocker panels that also have UHMW skins?
  5. Jeep 392 Xtreme Recon Package now on build & price. Suspension changes confirmed

    Xtreme Recon 35-Inch Tire Package $3,995 110-MPH Vehicle Max Speed Calibration 17-Inch x 8.0-Inch Bronze Beadlock-Capable Wheel 35-Inch Tire Rubicon 392 Suspension 4.56 Rear Axle Ratio LT315/70R17C 113/110S Tires Hinge-Gate Reinforcement by Mopar® Jack Spacer by Mopar® Tire Relocation Kit by...
  6. TeraFlex Drives 2021 Bronco and prefers Jeep

    17mpg over 2100 miles mostly highway on the smaller tires with the 2.3 Bronco. His diesel Jeep on 40s gets 20mpg.
  7. 4 cylinder mode and MPG?

    Curious what MPG's y'all are seeing when it goes into 4 cylinder mode on the highways. Thinking it would be cool to activate it manually with a switch too even when around town or wherever to get fuel efficiency when you want.
  8. Start stop secondary battery?

    Still waiting for my 392 to finish being built and it has probably been asked but since the 392 does not have the start/stop feature is there still an extra battery in there or is it just empty space?