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  1. That Crazy Jeep Wrongful Death Suit Has Settled

    Michigan has some insane liability laws.
  2. Jeep Gladiator Bed Overland Trailer

    This isn't mine, nor do I know the guy selling it, but some dude over on expedition portal has a nifty overlanding trailer made out of a Gladiator bed. Maybe someone might be interested in it.
  3. Starlink with Portability Plan Has Arrived!

    After a lot of planning I am finally getting around to ordering the things I will need to live out of my Jeep for the next few years. First in is my Starlink Dishy with portability plan. It arrived about 5 days after I placed my order. Austin is saturated until 2023 so a friend of mine came to...
  4. Texas Jeep Go Topless Event Results in more than 100 arrests/Officer in hospital.

    I wasn't there, but my gut tells me the majority of the trouble makers were most likely the UTV side-by-side crowd.
  5. To Knurl or Not to Knurl... That is Just One of the Questions!

    I am finally getting around to modding my JLURD, and I decided to go down the route of "pay once, cry once." A little background first. I sold my house, and I am currently selling off my business assets and shutting down the business, and I am going camping with my dog for at least the next two...
  6. Gobi vs Zynith Colors - Jeep Website Configurator Images Comparison.

    I picked up a Silver Zynith factory order at Gupton late January. Now that Gobi came out I wanted to see a comparison of the two colors so I pasted some screen grabs together from the Jeep website. We all know the online configuration tool does not accurately reflect what the colors actually...
  7. Recommended Satellite Phones

    I am looking for an off grid communication device. It doesn't necessarily have to have voice communication, but at a minimum it would need texting abilities. I am about a month away from starting my build on my JLURD, and my goal is to spend a lot of time away (Up to a week at a time.) from...
  8. 2022 JLURD - 2000 Mile Diesel Fuel Mileage/DEF Report

    Yesterday, I hit 2000 miles on the odometer, and I wanted to let others know what they can expect as far as real world MPG on a 2022 JLURD. I know that this has been covered before, but I thought there might be some that would be interested in a recent example. My Jeep is still stock. Rolling...
  9. I Got My First Duck!

    I got my first duck yesterday on my way back home from Gupton. I stopped at Bec-ees in Temple, Texas to stretch my legs, and parked near a Gecko Gladiator with purple accents named "The Joker." When I came out this was on my door handle. I was pretty stoked and it made my day. If you are...
  10. Zynith Silver (New 2022 Color) - Metallic Flake Density Closeup Pictures

    I had a few people ask me what the Zynith Silver color looks like up close in bright sunlight so I thought I would post a few up close pictures in a new thread for others not following my other thread to see. There is no "rainbow effect," it reflects pretty consistent across the body of the Jeep.
  11. Picked Up My Zynith Silver Rubicon

    Today I picked up my new 2022 Zynith Silver Diesel Rubicon from Gupton CJDR. I arrived at the Nashville International Airport at 8am, and they had a driver already there waiting to pick me up. Everyone was pleasant, and made the process smooth. I will admit that I was concerned for the first...
  12. 2022 Price Increase Window Sticker

    I ordered my Jeep on Nov 27, 2021, and it was built on January 19th. My window sticker reflects the recent price increase, but Gupton CDJR price locked my order to November 27th. According to my build spreadsheet MSRP on Nov 27th was $61,105 for a new markup of $3,200. $FWP was $57,563. My...
  13. Front & Rear Bumper General Opinions

    I am looking for general opinions (pros and cons). I like aftermarket stubby bumpers with cutouts for round fog lights. I like the MOPAR version too but the aftermarket versions seems to have better approach clearances. I also like the clean look of recessed winches. I am not against top...
  14. 2022 Wrangler Brochure Available

    The downloadable brochure for the 2022 Wrangler has posted on the Jeep website. Direct download link:[]=source&bt_field_value[]=null
  15. First 2022 EcoDiesels on CryptoStickers!

    I check CryptoStickers everyday and the first build sheets for EcoDiesels just showed up this afternoon. Unfortunately mine was not one of them, but at least the diesels are finally getting made!
  16. 2022 Wrangler build & price is now on the Jeep website.

    For those that have been waiting the holy grail has shown itself. :LOL: Silver Zynith!
  17. Placed my order on 11/27 - What you can expect.

    Here is my summary of my Jeep factory order experience: No one in the Austin area wanted to work with me on a factory order. They all played lip service, but no one was really interested in committing to an order below factory invoice. After doing some research on this forum I found a few...