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  1. Stranded deep in Canyonlands NP, had to call Matt's Off-road Recovery (24 hour rescue)

    This was under factory warranty? You should have called Jeep roadside assistance and let Jeep sort it the [email protected]#$ out! " Jeep Roadside Assistance You're Covered 24 Hours A Day Any Where In The Country! Your Jeep Factory Warranty also gives you Roadside Assistance. As long as your Jeep is covered...
  2. New Rubicon - Hood Decals stay on or decals come off?

    Now if only you could get rid of the saggy side window, and tell me how to eliminate it on my 2 door, you'd be a hero!
  3. New Rubicon - Hood Decals stay on or decals come off?

    The 2 doors look so much cleaner and nicer WITHOUT the decals IMO!
  4. Is the new Bronco good enough to make me want to switch?

    +1 on that. The 4 door Wranglers look good, the Bronco looks like a jacked up Ford Flex. I think the 2 door Bronco w/Sasquatch looks good if you can find one and pay MSRP. That doesn't appear to be happening. The Willys XR is the best looking of all, and in the sweet spot for performance as...
  5. Is the new Bronco good enough to make me want to switch?

    I had planned on ordering a Bronco, but am so glad I went with the Jeep. The Bronco is already looking dated to my eyes, and it still isn't widely available. So far so good on the wrangler....and I got mine as ordered in 5 months.
  6. What is Bestop up to? (SOLVED)

    +1 on a request for a 2 door top replacement that's a factory replacement (with a square back design)
  7. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    Why bother? The visor will break and fall off before warranty is up anyway, right?
  8. Willys vs Willy’s Sport?

    Congrats on your order! You'll love the Willys and all the features you bought.
  9. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    My only Jeep build regret is not getting the half doors. It looks great!
  10. More fun?

    Well, it depends! Ultimately, you'd own a Jeep AND a sports car or muscle car. My wife and I insist on owning stupid impractical 2 seat sports cars (mx-5 and Corvette), so we co-own and share the Jeep in order to drive in bad weather or on dirt roads . To answer which is more...
  11. Let’s talk PPF - self-install results, experiences

    I just installed xpel on my door sills (which were only body paint from the factory). I predicted that over time they'd start looking horrible and be scraped up from getting in and out of the Jeep. I didn't want to add the thick black rubber protectors, as I thought they might compromise the...
  12. Finding a New Jeep With an 8.4" Display

    Navigation and 8.4 screen is part of the premium audio upgrade. I have it in my Willys. When I ordered it I was kicking myself for paying that much for an unnecessary option. Now that I've taken delivery there are no regrets whatsoever. I've used the navigation multiple times (and in places...
  13. New flush mount tail lights (not oràcle)

    They look terrible and are $200 more than the Oracles.
  14. 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door Tips Over Again In IIHS Crash Test

    That doesn't look that bad to me. The driver's space wasn't crushed. I'd rather keep my legs and have my Jeep flip on its side than crumple like a beer can and stay upright.
  15. Gorilla Glass lol omg

    I bought it for $195.... We'll see how it goes (only 500 miles on my Jeep now). For the insurance alone, it would be worth it if it paid out once, and the thought of it being more durable is appealing. Now for $395, I probably wouldn't have selected the option.
  16. Gorilla Glass lol omg

    I've had a gorilla glass screen on almost every cellphone that I've owned, and I've broken a few...Just because it's GG doesn't mean it's indestructible. I'd like to see what caused that damage...and wonder if it would have been worse, better, or the same w/out GG.
  17. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Congrats! That's the twin to mine!
  18. Getting more power out of the 3.6 (even a little)!

    I don't understand the need for a little more power in the Jeep. Why? The Wrangler is a poor choice for a tow vehicle or race car. It's more than adequate for everything else.