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  1. 2023 Invoice Prices

    I haven’t been able to see to many details out there.…. Someone posted here a pic of there build sheet so will start with that. Rubicon Unlimited: Invoice = $44,045. MSRP as of 6/2/22 = $46,000
  2. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Now Open! (Earlier Than Expected)

    wow a 2023 VIN? I ordered 6/2 and no VIN yet. I didn’t expect they would start issuing VINs until closer to production.
  3. 2023 Build Sheets are being detected (test builds showing equipment / options to expect in 2023 models)

    So what is this showing us? Only 60 orders for 2023? How do I interpret this?
  4. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    6/2 order 4dr Rubicon with 6spd Cold weather and LED Granite crystal Expensive rims
  5. So how many here have ordered a 2023?

    Not much of a spread between invoice and MSRP on the sport. For 2022 the Rubicon invoice was 2050 bucks cheaper.
  6. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Anyone have an idea when my order will show on the new tracking site on I have my VOM but no results are showing. Guessing nothing until the 2023 officially start?
  7. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Build sheet shows the below for 1,095. I think that was the standard rim in 22 17X7.5 Machined Whls w Black Pockets
  8. 2022 vs 2023

    just says 17X7.5 Machined Whls w Black Pockets Which in 2022 I think was standard.
  9. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Yes upgraded rims had to be added.
  10. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    i just heard from my dealer that my 2023 JLUR was ordered. Waiting on some documentation to show that. Price seems to have gone up by $1.150.00
  11. 2022 vs 2023

    Okay talked to mine and can confirm as well. Noticed a 1,100 difference on a 23 JLUR. Plus had to add the updated rims.
  12. 2022 vs 2023

    Is this confirmed?
  13. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    I started shopping with 6 months before I need the Jeep. Crazy we can’t order and crazy it’s taken so long for some of you. I’m considering a Gladiator. Can still order with a manual. Any one make that call? Am I foolish for considering the JT? Can’t wait past October.
  14. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Any idea when 2023 details will come out? If orders are starting in a month what are we ordering?
  15. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    This is pretty interesting given the shut down of the 6-spd orders and the 3.6. Any info on what 2023 will offer. Manuals?
  16. No 6-spd available to order??

    So just left a large PA Jeep dealership where they attempted to enter an order for me. However a Willys with a manual transmission (23W) is no longer showing as an option on the screen. Same for the Sport S. Only available per the screens on a Willys Sport or Sahara Altitude. The salesman...
  17. Edit- The joy of online car shopping

    Seems the table lists Chapman as not honoring price protection? I’ll have to read up on it and check it out. Gonna be hard to beat Koons
  18. Tread lightly / Control number timing

    But is it needed prior to ordering or just prior to delivery?
  19. Tread lightly / Control number timing

    Dumb question I guess. Do I need my control number before ordering or will my membership letter be enough? Assuming I need it. I know I need the 30 days but wasn’t sure if I can get the ball rolling sooner.