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  1. 2023 Limited Colors?

    Punk'n and Gobi Tan was a toss up for me. FCA decided I will get Gobi. I see it is not offered on the build & price for MY 2023.
  2. Fumoto Valve

    Thanks to all who shared their thoughts. Will get one ordered today that will fit my needs. So good the hear the short nipple works with skids installed.
  3. Fumoto Valve

    Still waiting for the ecodiesel to arrive and wondering if there are restrictions in the area of the oil drain bolt that would exclude any of the Fumoto valves.
  4. 2023 Build Sheets are being detected (test builds showing equipment / options to expect in 2023 models)

    Yeah that is really adding salt to a wound. We can only hope that is the case.
  5. Ask Ratbert

    @Ratbert Good to hear your diesel is built and headed to AEV. At this point I am assuming you can determine how many 2022 Wranglers have vins and yet to receive window stickers. Unless there are orders being accepted for 2022 vehicles, it should be a quickly dwindling pool.
  6. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Cripes I sure hope the 2022 JL order gets built. I have NO desire for auto brake system and I do not carry a phone with me.
  7. '22 Diesel Check In

    Hopefully you will squeak past the Friday 13 build. Am just behind you with one order at 135 days, the other just 45 days. No clue if there is an estimated build date, I depend on the two servlets for info. Looking at crypto on occasion at it seems that 3.0L is the rare one.
  8. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    That's the spirit! Some folks on this forum get so up tight about this process. It can happen State side in just 5 weeks or 5 months and everything in between. Yeah the price is a good chunk of change but some go overboard with entitlement syndrome. Canadian customers generally have longer...
  9. Crowdsourcing to figure out what months our VINs were created

    Ordered 2022-03-31 1:42 PM eastern, 235874
  10. Ask Ratbert

    Ordered 2022-03-31 1:42 PM eastern, 235874
  11. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Wow, must be quite frustrating. Hoping the best for your delivery and piece of mind too.
  12. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Wondering what you consider to be considerable cash and how the person ordering the vehicle morphs the order into considerable cash for their pocket. If the dealer chooses to load your pocket, woohoo. On the other hand, the dealer can say buy it or not. Buying the vehicle, paying the sales tax...
  13. 8 Week Wait = Canceled Order

    Not from impatience but for color change reorder. How bout you? What would you cancel for?
  14. Napa OIL SALE!!

    The store here was low on stock when I placed an order on Sunday, they received the balance plus some today and filled my order of 28 quarts. Very happy to get these on my shelf with the uncertainty in motor oil supplies. This same store has no Rotella in stock.
  15. Napa OIL SALE!!

    @TheMike Thanks for posting, ordered 28 quarts today for pickup tomorrow.
  16. '22 Diesel Check In

    Yeah, it is painful to see others getting quick turnarounds. The real twist is we don't know who is to blame at FCA. It has been like this for years though.
  17. '22 Diesel Check In

    Holey moley! waiting for cryptosticker to show an avalanche of ecodiesel build sheets.
  18. 4xe Advantage - 8¢ per Mile on Electric

    Pinky's opinion quoted above is based on what? Below is my original posting concerning the subject. So, my words are exactly what they are. If someone else reads them and then infers something different, that is on them. I drive the legal speed limit, on the highway here it is 75/65. This...
  19. 4xe Advantage - 8¢ per Mile on Electric

    That is goofy as hell. Went to google and found a website named find energy that states a rate of 0.1545 per kWh. Sure have to wonder where they get their info. Will show a clip from recent billing and hope Great Lakes doesn't get any wild ideas. Here is how it shakes out. +53.46, -0.73...
  20. 4xe Advantage - 8¢ per Mile on Electric

    You provide good insight with your observations, Jay. Lacking academic experience in my case provides a differing viewpoint from yours. My eyes see an advancing technology from what we have experienced at the consumer level in recent history (let's say in the past eight decades). These...