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  1. 2023 JL Wrangler Build & Price Now Up on Jeep Website!

    My sentiments exactly. I had the same problem, I hope it's a glitch. Hopefully a resident Jeep salesperson will weigh in to clarify. If this is the case I won't be ordering a 2023 in September.
  2. 2.0T P253F Oil degradation/Extreme Spark Knock

    If the oil was filled with fuel as you stated that could cause metal to metal contact, and the noise you're hearing. I would have sent the oil out for analysis and get an idea of how much fuel, if any is in the oil. You could have an injector/injectors leaking fuel into the oil, and if it's bad...
  3. Dealer Wants $2k Non-Refundable Deposit For Jeep In Transit

    Have them write up the order with all the fees, and leave a $500 deposit on a credit card, only if you like the deal when it's in writing. Leaving a $2,000 deposit and not being sure of the total is a big mistake in my book. I wouldn't do it. What if the Jeep doesn't come in the promised two...
  4. 3 bad cams/lifters in 11k m?

    They're asking for trouble, tell the service manager to put it in writing that he Okayed driving it. Then I'd take them up on it and with any luck you'll huff the engine. Sad that they hire people who have a good line of BS but are clueless when it comes to auto repair especially the front line...
  5. What would you do? Rusted brand new 392

    Hey Bill- That's about 1 degree cooler than hell. LOL
  6. What would you do? Rusted brand new 392

    That's right, ten miles is about the max, my 2016 Rubicon had 4 miles on it when I got it. When you get over 15 miles or so it was used for test drives. I prefer to order a new vehicle to avoid that, and get exactly what I want. I also ask the sales manager to write on the order to do the PDI...
  7. My 3.6 Etorque takes more than 5Q

    Check the dipstick tube and make sure if goes all the way into the engine. I have seen a few that weren't seated properly and no matter how the dipstick goes into the tube the level will never read correctly unless extra oil is added.
  8. My JLUR is leaking oil

    Most likely it's the oil cooler/filter housing assembly. My only concern would be if it is that part, they don't try and blame the last person who changed the oil for over-torquing it, and deny the claim. If the dealer changed the oil last then you have no worries, especially if they're the...
  9. 3 bad cams/lifters in 11k m?

    Did anyone check to see if the oil gallery plugs are loose? They loosen up sometimes and can cause all kinds of problems with the cam, cam phasers and the valve train.
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    TIA-Any recommended dealers in the Tampa Florida area?
  11. What would you do? Rusted brand new 392

    Exactly! For that kind of money they'd be fixing it, or knocking off $$ for me to fix it.
  12. What would you do? Rusted brand new 392

    It looks like the lot boy might have done a little off roading with it. I've seen it first hand working at various dealerships. They'd fly through muddy puddles, or dirt lots with 4x4's on the way to parking them or on the way to having them cleaned before delivery. I've seen surface rust like...
  13. P0A9C Error: '21 Sahara 3.6 E*Torque

    I wouldn't be happy if they can't fix it, and I'd make sure they did. But not having eTorque or Stop/Start would be a plus for me as I wouldn't have to disable it every time I got into my Jeep, or pay for a dongle to do it for me. Flame suit on........
  14. Koons Roll Call and updates 2022 orders

    I'd probably deal with them if they had a sister store in the Tampa area.
  15. Class action law suit, regarding Pentastar 3.6 engine defective valve train roller bearing failures.

    I agree 100%, however I am not listening to the engine. Many people read threads like these and drive themselves nuts listening to sounds and mistake injector ticks for valve train issues. There is a difference, a big one in fact, and some valve trains tick worse than others. Explaining that to...
  16. Koons Roll Call and updates 2022 orders

    It could have been a new bank doing business with them, with different rules. But in all honesty I don't know. The majority of people keep a loan a lot longer than three months, so if the bank loses a little every once in a blue moon I guess they can deal with it. I should be in the market for...
  17. Koons Roll Call and updates 2022 orders

    Interesting, the banks we used would take the reserve money back, but that was 20+ years ago. Friends in the business said it hasn't changed much, with the exception of the salesman getting hosed even more now. If I were to get a good enough deal I would keep the loan for the three months and...
  18. Koons Roll Call and updates 2022 orders

    The reason they want you to keep the loan for three months is because they [the dealership] lose their financial reserve money if the loan is paid off before that. Back in the day when I sold cars that was the reason, and the salesman for F&I manger got charged back as a result. That was our...
  19. Class action law suit, regarding Pentastar 3.6 engine defective valve train roller bearing failures.

    Exactly. Statistically speaking the 3.6L has been a reliable engine, perfect, nothing is perfect. When you get a bad one it sucks. People often join forums to seek answers to problems and then vanish, others join to complain, and vanish. Others have an axe to grind and stir sh*.*t. Years ago...