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  1. The 8.4 radio is really bad.

    Ah, crap. You're right. It's probably a slightly different hardware revision. That is frustrating. Perhaps check with your dealer? Oh, I'd also check the USB ports like others suggested - clean them.
  2. The 8.4 radio is really bad.

    I'm not using the Motorola one but rather the Carsifi ( this has updatable firmware along with a changeable USB cord should it ever get worn. It's really nice!
  3. The 8.4 radio is really bad.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd guess what? I did the update today to 39.6 and afterward took a 4-hour ride and did not have a single issue. My carsifi (android auto wireless adapter) connected flawlessly. The music worked the entire trip. Turned off/started up and it connected right back to the radio...
  4. The 8.4 radio is really bad.

    Wow! I cannot possibly respond to everyone. Thanks for all the responses! I write code and deal with technology all day. I'm definitely not switching to anything Apple anytime soon. Not looking to start Apple vs Everybody else arguments but just want to say I'm happy with my Android and have...
  5. The 8.4 radio is really bad.

    I don't know what Jeep did here. This radio is unacceptably bad. It's slow, laggy, and glitchy. Trying to make Android Auto work with it is nearly impossible. Some days it'll work perfectly, others it'll constantly have issues. The first boot-up of the radio shows no icons (as a software...
  6. 4WD Neutral Warning

    I had an issue where my 4wd would swap between N, 4LO, 4W Hi, and weird. And if I touched the lever it would get worse. The dealer said they found C1451-15 fault code and replaced the "Range Selector Switch". FP Number 5083138-AA / SWITCH TR 0805806 Hope that helps.
  7. Hotspot stopped working on uconnect

    Thanks. I saw that thread right after posting (sigh). I can confirm that removing F97 resolved the issue. Honestly, the internet is slow through the radio so I don't think I'm going to renew it anyhow (I have about 65 days left). My Verizon is twice as fast as the hotspot (I barely get 2Mbps...
  8. Hotspot stopped working on uconnect

    I was enjoying my hotspot until recently. Nothing has changed (aside from my radio installing updates). I noticed that none of my devices (Pixel 6 pro, Note20 Ultra, Android Tablet, even my Crapbook Pro) won't connect to the Hotspot. Says the internet is not available. I only have 60 days left...
  9. Rear/Interior Camera

    Yes, I do. I'm also thinking of using one of my old phones and using my phone as a monitor... I'll figure something out
  10. Rear/Interior Camera

    Gotcha, I figured there wouldn't be a third input. I actually have RV rear monitor I was thinking of seeing I can find a camera for it
  11. Rear/Interior Camera

    Hi! This is probably a weird question, but is it possible to connect an interior (or 3rd) camera to the 2021 JLU 8.4 uconnect? I have two dogs (dogs > kids) that are frequently with me. My one dog is a little broken (he was abused, and I rescued him). He likes the window down but not for long...
  12. Mopar Maximum Care. Good deal?

    It's really about how you drive. I bought my JK Nov 2014. By March 2021 I had 135,000 miles. The engine blew (twice, once under warranty and once outside) up costing me $3000 to fix (And Jeep covered the cost of the parts). If you aren't going to put 30,000 miles on your vehicle in a year...
  13. Mopar Maximum Care. Good deal?

    I purchased mine from The process was straightforward, I financed it through them and paid it off 3 months later. I paid $3,180 with a $100 deductible until March 2028, unlimited mileage. My dealer charged me over $5,000 for a warranty with a bunch of extra...
  14. 4wd light swapping between hi, n, and lo

    So, I said screw it and went and bought the Z-Automotive Locker fix. Poof, locker light out. The original issue is still happening, though. I checked my records and they replaced 68483374AC (Transfer Case Control Module). Here's what I discovered - if the locker light was on, I could put it in...
  15. How important are heated seats to you?

    With the leather, I'm glad I got it. It makes the difference of a world when it's chilly at night and I'm doing 70 mph down the highway doorless. Why would GM stop adding them, is it because of production issues? Seems silly to remove.
  16. 4wd light swapping between hi, n, and lo

    That's a good idea, I'll do that tomorrow
  17. 4wd light swapping between hi, n, and lo

    Thanks! I figured that would be the case. I'm on vacation. When I called my dealer he said it was because of the service axle locker issue... Said they'd call back but never did. I'll get it taken care of next week. Thanks!
  18. 4wd light swapping between hi, n, and lo

    Can a standard code reader do this? Or does the dealer need to?
  19. Manual Transmission Newbie’s

    I don't get the hatred towards 6th. But it's also why I don't ask people their preferred way of driving a manual. Unless you're on steep hills, there's no reason to not use 6th. It's your cruising gear. If it were automatic you'd be in 8th...