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  1. Crystal Rubi build…

    That down travel is insane my friend! I'm surprised the shocks are not limiting the down travel and matching up closer to expanded spring length(ie. keeping them in there perches)? Anyone know if a 3.5" MC spring would have a longer expanded length? I think your limiting strap setup will work...
  2. Rubi Recon

    It sure is!!! I was trying to rush through that post...duh! Sorry to be posting bad intel😳😃 -Steven
  3. Rubi Recon

    @kubicon, here are the measurements. I'm on 3.5" MC GC/37's - Expedition One Roof Rack 81-3/4" measured at drivers side (higher side) - 37" Nitto Ridge Grapplers ~35K mi. on them. 35-1/4" (@35psi) -Steven
  4. Rubi Recon

    My mistake, I thought you were on the KM3's. I'll measure both the tire size and rack height when I get home. I'll get back to you today. -Steven
  5. Rubi Recon

    Are you running the 3.6L/Auto? I'm running 4:88's with the 37" Nittos (they run a little closer to stated size) and it's very close to what my Jeep felt like with the stock 33's and 4:10's. I think the 5:13's would be great, maybe even 4.88's? Can you measure your new 38"KM3's just as a...
  6. Rubi Recon

    On the topic of my Expedition One roof rack, I need to mention the build quality on it. The finish still looks like I just installed it even after a couple of salty Chicago winters and a lot of use. I can't say that about every aftermarket manufacturers finish I've used on my Jeeps. Expedition...

    Wow John...that is one very nice Jeep. Congrats!!! -Steven
  8. Kubicon (v3) - JLUR XR Build

    The new wheels and 38's look great! Have you had a chance to fully flex yet? Did you have to adjust your bump stops? -Steven
  9. Rubi Recon

    Thanks kubicon, appreciate that! Yup, it's still true. She's built to cruise the interstate at 85mph, with my wife comfortable behind the wheel. With gas prices where they are, I try not to push the brick through the wind that fast very often ;)...
  10. Looking for some direction..

    Hi Matthew! I just sent you PM regarding your questions. Exciting to be starting a new build! Welcome to the forum(s)✌🏻 -Steven
  11. Another visit to Moab

    If you don't already have this, I would suggest getting a copy of the Charles A. Wells 'Guide to Moab'. It's been invaluable keeping us on the trail, some of which can only be found via odo readings, etc.. It's also great to have the trails rated so you can work your way up as your experience...
  12. Maserati Grecale: 330 HP GME 2.0

    Wow...those are some solid numbers! -Steven
  13. Converting the mall crawler

    That's going to be a huge improvement! What offset/BS? -Steven
  14. Rubi Recon

    Just a nice pic... -Steven
  15. Newbie to Forum.

    Hey Rich, welcome to the forum✌🏻 Great looking Jeep! -Steven
  16. JLUR big build.

    Beautiful work they are doing👍🏻 -Steven
  17. Another visit to Moab

    This trip itinerary will work well for a stock Jeep. Top of the World is a great trail with the huge payout of view and pic opportunity at the top. We ran that trail at this Springs EJS. We had a couple of stock Jeeps in our group that did fine on 35's. If you do this trail, don't come down the...

    That's Moab, the buggies can really chuck out some trails. We ran TOTW trail on the first Sunday of the week. Our trail gunner mentioned he thought the trail rating on TOTW should be a '7 now'. It's keeps it interesting for us right? Appreciate your support brother✌🏻...

    I thought it looked familiar, as we ran it at EJS this spring. The backside was getting pretty chucked out right? -Steven

    Hi Kenny, was the 2nd pic taken on the back side of Top of the World? -Steven