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  1. ebrake cables (re-route?)

    Ok thank you, maybe I'll drive for a bit this way and see how it does. It's definitely not pressed on it hard, but it's slightly touching.
  2. ebrake cables (re-route?)

    Did you have any issues after installing the bracket? My cables are still gently touching the diff/axle. I was thinking of maybe wrapping them in heat shield tape maybe?
  3. ebrake cables (re-route?)

    Thank you! I came across this thread as I was finishing my gamechanger lift yesterday and realized that I think have an ebrake issue so I was searching on this forum assuming this happened to someone else. Good to hear it's not a big fix!
  4. 35 inch tires on stock rims (no lift) void extended warranty?

    I've had no issues and I have 37s on my stock wheels and it's lifted. Each side of my engine has been rebuilt and had a rear main seal leak fixed as my biggest items under warranty, but it's been in the dealer A LOT.
  5. How Can We Help?

    You didn't know that Benny flies himself to you to personally deliver?
  6. Well, that *almost* sucked !

    This actually happened to me in a parking garage. I had to unbolt the passenger seat to tilt it back far enough that I could access under the center console. Sucked big time.
  7. How Can We Help?

    You are right, that does look a lot more like it. The actual nut is at my neighbors, when he gets home, I'll go take a closer look at the one we took out and confirm.
  8. How Can We Help? M10 Rivnut. Skid Plate To Frame. Here are actual of the missing nutsert and one of the actual nutsert in the frame. These are to hold the transfer case skid plate to the frame.
  9. How Can We Help?

    Doing a search for a rivnut on the forum, I found this post. I am looking for that exact rivnut because when I removed my stock skid plate, it broke loose and I had to drill it out. That is the wrong part though. I actually just got back from the dealer, had ordered that exact part number...
  10. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    Well guess that answers that lol
  11. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    There are so many random holes in the frame, how bad would it be to take a hole saw and cut a hole to access the top of it?
  12. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    The problem with that is the closest access hole is over 12 inches away and it's not that big. The picture above is the passenger side. Mine is on the driver's side where it doesn't have those holes cut.....of course.
  13. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    I wonder if I cut the head off, if I can get someone to just tack weld the current nut into place and then use vice grips or something to get the bolt out.
  14. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    So if I cut the head off, I should be able to push the full nut and the rest of the bolt into the frame? Then find someone to weld a nut back in? Was it just a tack weld from the outside?
  15. Stock skid plate bolt just spinning

    Hello....getting ready to install a full belly metalcloak skid plate. I'm trying to take off the stock plates, but one of the bolts going into the frame is just spinning. It came down about 1/4 of an inch, but now it's not coming out further. Anyone run into this issue? I've tried putting...
  16. Painting metalcloak full belly skid?

    Yes, that post says it works, but I'm more interested in how many cans I need to order since they are only 5oz cans
  17. Painting metalcloak full belly skid?

    Metalcloak claims they are ready to paint
  18. Painting metalcloak full belly skid?

    Picking up the metalcloak belly skid and want to paint it mojito. Has anyone done this and can tell me how cans of paint it took?
  19. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    Ok so no reason to go 2.5" then :) Last question I swear! If I want to paint the belly skid and the gold zinc parts to match my Mojito, is there any prep work necessary? Or can I just spray them?