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  1. 3.6L burns oil on steep inclines

    I was told that it was a manufacturing defect ... there was/is supposed to be a drain at the back of the block to allow the oil to drain back into the pan. Really don't know if that's true or not. But steep inclines definitely cause some smoking, if you are at the incline for a bit (trying...
  2. JLUR or Gladiator Rubicon Suspension for JL Willys

    Not sure really. I'd guess .5 to 1 inch. The JLUR will be heavier so you should see a little bump in ride height by using its springs. Hopefully someone that has done a similar swap will chime in with real world experience.
  3. JLUR or Gladiator Rubicon Suspension for JL Willys

    I think the suspension from a JLUR might be better. The gladiator will have a different spring rate in the rear coils cause it does truck things. Also, I'm not sure the control arms from the gladiator will work on the JL platform. The rear of the gladiator is more like a ram truck; it's not a...
  4. Florida Factory metal rear bumper off JLR - $150 obo

    What's your definition of "soon"? And no, not in the near future.
  5. Florida Factory metal rear bumper off JLR - $150 obo

    I'm in Palm Beach Gardens.
  6. South Florida represent

    Count me in for some trails.
  7. Florida Factory tail gate reinforcement - $75 obo

    Wanted to try selling locally first.
  8. Florida Factory tail gate reinforcement - $75 obo

    I will at some point when I go pick up my JTR in GA, but at this point it I'm not sure when I will take delivery. I really hope this stuff sells before that as I'd like to have room in my garage. I'd be willing to meet you somewhere in the middle, if that helps.
  9. Florida Sold: Factory tail gate reinforcement - $75 obo

    I'm cleaning out my garage. This is the factory tailgate reinforcement for holding a larger tire on the tailgate. Will also add the 2018-2021 JEEP WRANGLER JL OVERSIZE SPARE CARRIER MOUNTING BRACKET KIT - MOPAR - MOPAR (82215355AB) for another $25. It's used and the replacement snubbers have...
  10. Florida Sold: Springs and shocks from 2 dr Mopar 2" lift - $250 obo

    Selling the springs and Fox shocks from the Mopar 2" lift for a 2 door JL (3.6L engine). Only a few thousand miles on them. Will not sell shocks separately. Were installed on my 2019 JLR. $250 obo.
  11. Florida Sold: Factory metal rear bumper off JLR - $150 obo

    Selling the metal rear bumper from my 2019 JLR. Sensors not included. It's dirty, but no dents or scratches. Pickup only.
  12. Florida Sold: JLR factory rock sliders (for 2 door) - $100 obo

    These are take offs from my 2019 JLR. They are a little dirty, but no dents or scratches. Pick up only please.
  13. 2 Door JLR vs 4Door JLUR Offroad Capabilities

    This is my experience too. I have a JLR and a JKUR. I was high centered all the time when the JKUR was on 35s. Never had issues with the JLR on 35s. Put the JKUR on 37s and getting up and over things was easier. I think the 2 door is better for east coast wheeling since there are more trees...
  14. Best 2 door rock sliders?

    Shrockworks makes a nice frame mounted slider for the 2 door. I have them installed on my 2 door.
  15. South Florida represent

    Yep, me too. S. Florida is better in some aspects ( can't beat the winters here), but RVA was a great place to live and had lots to do!