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  1. OMG: After 10 days and 1,500 miles and these two things happen

    oh the little ESS battery and the steering issues on 2018 are probably an issue on most. buying a first year was my bad.
  2. Improving drivability of my new Jeep.......

    My stabilizer from factory was no good, i got a teraflex adjustable kit... the difference was amazing to the point my wife said wow this is so much better (shocking as normally she could not give a lick). We drive in hills in alot of beat up roads so its worse than a city person would see...
  3. Starting to regret bigger wheels and tires….any words of encouragement ??

    definitely time to slam it to ground, put some low profile tires and get a grumper. Front axle removal will speed it up too
  4. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    A real locking metal console (not using universal key) for when topless
  5. Cheep jeeper

    /boggle delete options are common in many industries, yes you can make options standard then delete them, they are still options.
  6. Cheep jeeper

    a delete option is still an option. facts
  7. TeraFlex Drives 2021 Bronco and prefers Jeep

    So is wranglers if you fix the steering and put on 35s
  8. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I could see a Sahara model having IFS. Sport and rubicon should stay solid axle.
  9. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    before buying parts.... torque front end (its a fiat, it will be half wrong), check align and set tire pressure.
  10. $3,995 Xtreme Recon Package For Jeep JL Wrangler Unleashed at 2021 Chicago Auto Show

    duct tape to widen fenders would have looked better. Fiat lives on
  11. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Takes 2-3 years for a major new model to work out rough stuff. JL is there bronco is not yet. There is plenty of room for a bronco and wrangler.. but i would wait 2-3 more years before getting a bronco. I wish i had waited like Tommy on the JL, the 2018 had way more issues than it should have.
  12. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    i used to run the mid grade premium in summer, whatever crap they put in the gas in CA in summer made the JL ping on hills or under load. /shrug
  13. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    i wanna see it go over bay bridge in CA on a windy day. You will get pulled over and get sobriety tested. You know beefing up the tuning fork steering was not on list... DURP BIG TIRES!
  14. Article: 2022 Wrangler Xtreme Recon Would Beat The 2021 Bronco With A Lift And Bigger Tires

    ITs good to see an american 4x4, Fiats dont drive in straight lines in the wind.
  15. I’m stuck at lake Powell (page Az)

    ya, i use a knock off as well, i used it as a general term for a traction mat, which its not.
  16. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    big cities round the world have aggressive drivers.. The OP is taking about a step beyond that. LA and Bay area are packed.. you go north of it and its pretty chill.
  17. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    Never saw this in CA ever. Half of CA is from elsewhere in any event. OP is probably a chain panic breaker, no other explanation other than crazy bad luck or a Trump sticker