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  1. Cold morning warm ups with manual

    Those of you with the 6 speed manual, can you go out to your Jeep, start for warm up, then go back into the house (for coffee & stuff)? Or will it shut itself off when the key gets a certain distance away?
  2. FCA Ecodiesel news

    I thought they had already settled this. At least there's a path to the Ecodiesel's return.
  3. So, no adjustable pedals in the JL?

    It seems like every car & truck out there has adjustable reach pedals, but I haven't seen any indication of this feature in the JL.
  4. I'm a little disappointed in the reveal event

    I was hoping for something dramatic like the dirt pile reveal of the JK, or strapped to the side of an LA high rise. Maybe lower it in with a helicopter or raise it up out of a sand pit. Build a huge pyramid and have it emerge from the depths with a giant round boulder chasing it. Have David...
  5. Inside 24 hours!!!

    Can't wait to get more answers!
  6. Bad news for a Vegas SEMA reveal

    This event is a showcase of builder's vehicles. Not likely to be a Big JL reveal...
  7. Who rides naked in their Jeep?

    Err, topless. Umm, with the top open. Seems I might be mixing forums... :cwl::cwl::cwl: I see so many running around with their tops on & windows up on these gorgeous summer days. All y'all have a great weekend & Eclipse (if you're in or near the path...)
  8. So what's a realistic time frame for FCA to lock down the JL reveal date?

    We are inside 50 days to the guesstimated September 1 reveal, but still nothing from the mother ship. I know I'm not alone anticipating the reveal time, date & location. Anyone wanna weigh in here? @Milous ? Beuller? Anyone? Beuller?
  9. Quadratech unveils JL page Less info than we have here, but link worthy.
  10. Toledo Plant Construction Update
  11. JT Pickup spied

    Jeep Pickup (JT) Spied With Production-Intent Bed!
  12. Jeep needs to do this! Anyone listening at FCA?
  13. Toledo layoffs for JL Wrangler retooling

    Looks like sh!t's gettin' real. Update: They will be adding 700 workers in the long...
  14. The Internet's biggest Jeep nerds, Haha!