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  1. Utah Duplicate -sorry

    Sold the last Jeep - have my last hoist - used twice in one season - like new - I’ll pay shipping. Replaced black cheap straps with two Husky ratchet straps - makes getting top off one person
  2. Utah [sold] Harden Hoist half price $80

    Sold the last Jeep - have my last hoist - used twice in one season - like new - I’ll pay shipping. Replaced the cheap straps that come with it with nice Husky ratchet straps - included - makes it a one person job
  3. Utah Harden Hoist half price $80

    Sold the last Jeep - have my last hoist - used twice in one season - like new - I’ll pay shipping.
  4. Utah Harken Hoister Garage Storage 4-Point Lift System

    used twice - like new - all hardware - $75 + shipping from Utah
  5. B&M short shifter opinions after a year or more of use

    Everyone “loves” their mods right after they do them which is what most of the posts on the B&M kits are. looking to get a smoother and easy move to 4H on the transfer case and cleaner shifts through. 4th (I never seem to go higher than that). Any feedback and length of use would be appreciated.
  6. Tapping into the White/orange reverse wire - been through all the posts

    I have read EVERYTHING and gone though the diagrams. I didn't do this before hand, but here are my symptoms I have a sport with halogen brake/reverse lights. Put two Baja Design S1s on my spare tire delete plate. I tapped into the white wire and I get maybe 10 seconds of the right reverse...
  7. Is it safe to tap into reverse light line for Aux lights?

    The benefit is that the lights go on each time I put into reverse as opposed to the aux switches. I'm pretty sure half the time I will forget to turn them off so just curious. I am in the process of mounting two of these: I will be mounting on the tail gate and would be taping into the...
  8. Sold: PIAA Fog Lights

    Always READ the description of a product. I learned the hard way. I bought these fog lights thinking they were LED. mounted them and - surprise - the first time I used them turns our their are halogen. BRIGHT, but halogen so I had a Jeep with a bunch of white LEDs lights and then these two...
  9. Why so many doors

    Everyone has different taste. The kids are gone, the dogs crowd themselves into the front passenger seat so I didn't get a four door, but I see 10X as many four doors and I'm just curious
  10. WTB Harken Hoist

    Before I rush out to buy new, thought I would see if anyone had one they wanted to sell. I appreciate all of the help this site gives me. You guys are the best
  11. Utah Sport Halogen OEM headlights $500

    Kidding free just pay shipping - in Jeep for 500 miles
  12. Evolution of the front of my 2dr

    Now need a winch - having fun.
  13. Mounting lights on bull bar or stinger

    I'm putting a couple of 7" spots on my bull bar and was just curios - when you installed your lights what did you do with the power line? Did you use cable ties to attach it, wrap the bar with the cord, let it flap in the wind? Thanks
  14. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Have been putting air in the driver rear on a daily basis for a week - went to Discount to get it fixed before it went flat. Puncture was “too close to side wall” so couldn’t be fixed. Less than 6000 miles on the tire. They gave me a 50% discount on the new tire. Been fighting fires all day...
  15. OEM LED tail lights vs. light bar

    Trying to decide whether to add a set of OEM LED tail lights vs a LED bar/cube. First the tail lights are ~$400 and I could install (reprogramming was done for LED headlights and fogs). Open to suggestions or back up lights. Saw numerous posts on spots/bars on Sports. Would be really...
  16. 50” light bar frame vibrations

    Finished mounting my Hammerhead 50” mounting bars with a RC mounting bar. Everything is greAt but there is a lot of vibration at road speeds even on paved highway. Makes the light bounce around a lot. Found a very simple solution but not very Good looking. It’s a mini-tennis ball so the jap...
  17. How often do you use your lights?

    i go to work at 4am which is when the deer are retreating to the hills - it’s a 20 mile trip and half of it is remote. I usually see 5-8 a day. I put on lights just to widen the lighted area. The lights have paid for themselves many times by showing deer getting ready to throw themselves...
  18. WTT: $1000 + my sport hood

    for your white Rubicon hood. I will drive to Phoenix, NV or SoCal to make the swap.
  19. Sold: Light mounts for round bar FREE

    Ended up attaching lights to bumper - don’t need them. First reply gets them. First reply PM me your address
  20. Sold: Plastic front bumper splash guards FREE

    bought steel bumper and don’t need them. First to reply gets them - Then PM address