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  1. New Vantrue DC power

    So I bought a OnDash S1 camera and picked up a long USB cable to run to the center console. From my quick checking the USB is always powered? The 12v cigarette lighter plug is not powered when Jeep is turned off? I was hoping not to have the cables running to the dash right near my knee but if...
  2. Banks PedalMonster

    Do you guys just run it to max and roll with it or use the other settings like city etc with lower sensitivity? Very impressive response time to acceleration. That is what I expected from the start.
  3. Stock tires with new rims

    Just looking at some wheels and most seem to be 17x8.5 and I think the stock Rubicon wheels are 17x7.5. Does it make any difference? I have never been a fan of the standard Rubicon wheels myself was thinking of replacing them.
  4. Crazy days

    I still think it is weird I drove my JLUR M6 (loved the manual) for nearly 2 years (low miles) and got 4 to 5k more than I paid for it, no moab rock painting. Still fill like someone is going to say no, we are changing that deal. Even though it is closed and done. The prices today for used...
  5. SiriusXM Guardian new Wrangler

    Anyone else find this price to be a bit ridiculous? I will take my first year then doubt I will pay 258 dollars for something my keyfob can do. Doesn't even include the Wifi have to pay ATT for that. Didn't even bother to look at the cost of it.
  6. NFCU 500 cash

    Anyone used this incentive from Navy Fed? Got a certificate for 500 off 2022 Wrangler. I tried to read all the disclaimers but never know if dealers will accept them
  7. Looking for something to watch

    Take a look at True Detective this weekend, best detective show ever made. Even open song was awesome one of the few times I listened every time.
  8. Just a curiosity question

    Is the manual transmission just not tough enough for the 3.0? No smack against the manual which I have but just wondering with the upgraded auto transmission if the standard 6spd is just not enough for the 3.0 torque? Or just wouldn't mate up to the 3.0 and need a whole new transmission.
  9. Is this a Jeep Truck?

    I was watching that show Hanna 3rd season. This thing popped up in the last episode. Sounded like a diesel also. Arrow and stuff from screen shot and kind of dark. Looks like a Cherokee but was a truck.
  10. Downsides to cancelling order?

    Anyone ever cancelled? Does the dealer get pissed and harder to work with? Just wonder if there is a good way to go about it to order a better deal?
  11. The light bulb icon

    I never knew what that light bulb icon was up on the right there but then I clicked it and my eyeballs did a little dance getting away from bright white!!! My eyes thank you JLWrangler Forums!
  12. Jeep Wave and 3.0

    I didn't think to ask the salesmen but do you get the 2 year oil change with Jeep wave with the 3.0L?
  13. Sale or hold before trade

    My biggest problem right now is that while I wait on my new build for a Wrangler is the offers on my current one. Since I can't get the financing and get every thing locked in before the dealer has the new Jeep I am little worried about trade in or selling current JLUR. Givemethevin is a little...
  14. Stubby Antenna not sure of name

    Anyone recommend a good stubby antenna? Or short antenna whatever they are called. I bought a cheap one on Amazon and reception is not nearly as good as the oem whip antenna. I should have known better with a manufacturing name of JeCar Antenna!
  15. I was thinking of blacking out the wheels. Using paint?

    Is there any paints that could possibly work to black out these wheels? I think the stock Rubi wheels may have some plastic coating. Just checking. I just think black would look better.
  16. Alaska Sold: Selling 7inch Radio

    I have a 7 inch, out of 2020 JL bought July 2020 but no unlock code. If you are interested I would like to sell it, I will ship with USPS Priority unless you want to pay for some other shipping like UPS or FedEx. Think Radio is June 2020 or around that time. If you can tell me how to get unlock...
  17. Speaker upgrade

    Anyone have recommendation for speaker upgrade of the roll bar speakers and top dash?
  18. Going to replace 7in Radio

    My question is, would it be better to sell here then sending it back to the seller? I am fairly new to these forums, OK very new. Is it easier to sell here? It is 2020 jeep bought in August so practically brand new. I have no idea how to get any lock code etc. I just want the larger radio. I...
  19. I get constant Warranty emails

    Is there any reviews on the constant zero interest extended warranties? I get them everyday like 86000 miles just give us a call. Anyone bought any of those? I mean I am a low mileage person but years may be good. Anyone bought one? Any comments on it?
  20. 2020 Rubicon Manual shifting problems going into 4h

    Anyone have trouble putting transfer case into 4H? I put mine in and it takes a lot of strength sometimes to shift up, but sometimes pops out back to 2H. This morning I shifted into 4H before leaving drive way and then at the red light it was spinning on ice and snow and sure enough dropped back...