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  1. Willys Xtreme axles - Dana 44 in front?

    Since the willys xtreme will have 35 inch tires does that mean it will also have a Dana 44 in front? I can’t find any info
  2. Washington, D.C. JKS shocks for 2.5-3.5 lift I have front and back shocks. Used. $75 obo.
  3. Washington, D.C. Dana 30 RCV axles w fad for sale

    For sale RCV axles. Lightly used. $950 OBO
  4. Washington, D.C. SmittyBilt storage container

    Decided I want to go a different direction with my back seats and storage area. It’s a little banged up $275 OBO pick up only in Washington DC or close area.
  5. Washington, D.C. Disregard double post

    Decided I want to go a different direction with my back seats and storage area. It’s a little banged up $275 OBO pick up only in Washington DC or close area.
  6. Expedition JL Rausch Creek

    Anyone else signing up for this? June 22-23rd I’m coming from central New Jersey.
  7. Little rust spots on body

    I’ve had my JLU Sahara for almost a year now. I noticed about two months ago, small little rust spots have appeared all over the body. Is this fallout? Can I just buy solution and resolve this issue? I just moved to a new state and I’m debating to take it into a new dealership to take a look...
  8. Michigan Sahara take off suspension Michigan

    Not sure the market on this, but make an offer... Springs, shocks, track bar, sway bar links
  9. Superchips/Tazer - revert to stock before service

    I'm curious. I need to get my Jeep in for a recall and also have a couple warranty issues I want to have them check out. Mainly, a rotational clunking noise which I think is coming from somewhere in the driveshaft. I have 35s on and needed to re-cal with Sueprchips. I know I need to revert...
  10. Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Not sure if this is allowed and it didn’t seem to go in the “member sale” category, so if this isn’t allowed please delete. My buddy made a sweet ugly Jeep Christmas sweater! He’s thinking about selling. What do you guys think?
  11. Proximity entry slowing down

    About a week or so ago I noticed that my proximity entry slowed down quite a bit. I used to be able to put my hand in the handle and it unlocked immediately. Now it takes about 2 seconds. Is the battery dying in my Fob?
  12. What are my options for locker / LS front Dana 30?

    I have a Sahara and would like to know what my options are at this point? I would like an e-locker or a Detroit truetrac but I don't see a lot available. I know ARB has lockers out but I don't want on board air.
  13. Clunking in front wheels

    In the past month or so I’ve developed a clunking in the front suspension system. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s getting worse. I have a Sahara and bought Nitto 35s and Fuel (heavier) wheels. Is this too much on a Dana 30? Also, I installed a JKS lift as well... so many variables...
  14. Incorrect speed?

    I have had issues with my speedometer being a little off. I have been on the highway and locally where there are speed signs up multiple times, and they do not match my speed by 3-7 mph. I have 35x12.5 tires and am wondering what’s going on? I have the newest update.
  15. Sold: Rubicon Express lift with shock extensions, and JKS disconnects

    I decided to upgrade to a full suspension system and my RE 2” budget boost was temporary. I’m looking to get $300 for the kit and shock extensions. (Original $400). OBO Grand Rapids, MI I also have JKS quicker sway disconnects for less than 2.5” lift - $100
  16. Sold: Michigan -JLUR take off suspension

    selling take off suspension - $200 Grand Rapids, MI
  17. Upgrade?

    Sahara I installed Rubicon take off suspension and added a Rubicon Express 2” budget boost. I am debating whether or not I want to upgrade to a full suspension system or not. I won’t be doing a lot of rock crawling with my JL for awhile, but I’ll do some heavy trailing. I would like to make...
  18. Rubicon Anyone want to trade White rubi fender flares for Sahara white fender flares?

    I have a white Sahara and want to trade someone with a White Rubi with high fenders. I have seen some people post they like the Sahara fenders better. I’m in Michigan.
  19. SOLD ! 275/70R18 33” Nitto Ridge Grappler sale - Michigan

    selling lightly (<2000 miles) used Nitto Ridge Grappler 33 inch tires for 18 in wheels. Bought brand new one and a half months ago for $1250. I’m asking $900 OBO for all 5. In Grand Rapids MI. I upgraded to 35s.
  20. Upgraded Sahara 18” wheels $300 , $600 OBO with tires Michigan

    18” wheels, 3000 miles. $300 pick up only Grand Rapids Michigan or within reason meet up. I have these tires too. If you want both (no TPMS sensors) $600 OBO. Need mounting. Need garage space back!