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  1. DIY: Door hinge protection film

    Mine took about 3 weeks also, I emailed them and coincidentally it shipped the next day.
  2. First High Velocity Yellow JL @ Dealer Pictures

    I actually like yellow on many cars, this yellow isn’t my favorite, but everyone has different taste. I’m betting one year run, it will be rare that’s for sure.
  3. Weathertech vs Quadratec Floor Mats

    The New weathertech is not slippery like the old ones, buy the new premium ones. They also don’t have the obnoxious stickers on them.
  4. Jeep sent me a hat!

    I picked up my 392 last month and just got the same hat/letter.
  5. Half door uppers...

    Your question is exactly why I didn’t order half doors, I would never use the awful side windows so essentially the half doors are no different then buying tube doors or just going doorless.
  6. Bull Bar

    I also went Maximus-3 SLP, I bought their light bracket as well. My lights are the 7” Mopar. Quality is great I’m extremely satisfied.
  7. Weathertech HP Mat Depth

    These are the higher grade version they definitely feel better then the original and they cover more area then the Mopar. They also don’t have the logo sticker, the logo is much less visible and isn’t a sticker so it won’t fall off.
  8. Coyote or OD Green Bartact Seat Covers

    Good to know, the Coyote is Nylon the Black is Polyester. That probably is what the difference was.
  9. Coyote or OD Green Bartact Seat Covers

    This is exactly the post I’ve been looking for, you still happy with them? Did you do contrasting stitching?

    I also went with weathertech the newest version is even better then the last 8-10 sets I’ve had on other cars.
  11. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Got it that makes sense, I guess a lot depends on where you live too!! I just now realized that wasn’t a 392, the wheels fooled me. Looks great!!
  12. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    By the way my last tank of gas I got over 16 MPG, that was driving between 55-65 in Snow/Freezing rain. Not bad considering it’s still not broken in, typically during break in mileage is worse.
  13. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    That’s all I got besides my own. I got there before they opened it was 21 degrees out so I didn’t spend a long time on the lot maybe 20 minutes or so.
  14. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Hopefully at least one of these is someone’s
  15. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    The Sarge 392 with the soft-top only is interesting, I’m not sure I would pay this kind of money and skip the hard-top.
  16. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Some pictures I took while I was at Chapman yesterday
  17. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Picked mine up today I have some pictures I’ll load when I get home of the other Jeeps I came across on their lot. The process was seamless, in and out in under an hour. I still have another 5 hours or so to drive. Loving it so far!!!
  18. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    I am picking up today too I’ll do the same. I am trying to get in and out as fast as I can, but I will be there before they open so I’ll have time then. I’m driving back to GA trying to do it in one day.
  19. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Exactly like the tread lightly/Affiliate discount, it’s not their fault they got reprimanded for giving folks that and under invoice, but they did. Anyone that has followed Chapman knows they have been extremely transparent and have bent over backwards to satisfy their clients.
  20. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Who blasted anyone? If that’s how you interpret my post I’m at a loss for words. I would say they stopped responding because no matter what they wrote the response was combative, I’m surprised they responded as long as they did. I can’t understand why folks would even be on this thread if...