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  1. 2.0T Air Conditioning

    For those with the 2.0T, I’m wondering how the AC is in this heat? Strong? Can it keep up? How is it performing for you? Thanks
  2. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    When it’s time for a tire rotation, do you rotate 4 or 5? And Why?
  3. Lange Hoist a Top, Crank JL

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Lange Hoist a Top Crank for the JL? Based on my garage and needs (and the fact that the Fleximount and Racor are unavailable right now) I think the Lange looks sturdy and well engineered, and I Iike the crank option and the ‘T’ frame that hooks onto the top...
  4. No eTorque on Rubicons

    Ordering my JLUR today! Was ready to go and pulled the trigger! Mark Dodge in Louisiana. They called me back and said I couldn’t get the 3.6L eTorque in Rubicon trim anymore. Does anyone know what might be happening? Is this a big deal, should I just get the regular 3.6L?
  5. Ordering: Rubi vs Rubi XR

    Hello folks, I’m new here and getting ready to order a new JL and I need some advice. I’ve pretty much decided on either a Rubicon or Rubicon XR (both 3.6L). For me, this Jeep will be a daily driver. I don’t foresee much off-roading, but a little bit from time to time. I may need to tow a small...