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  1. Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tyre/Tire Pressure

    I have Cooper Discoverer AT3 tyres fitted to my JL, recently been reading threads about pressures and dealers filling too high. Mine are at 38-39 psi and was wondering if anyone could tell me if that's about right or not for on-road use? My tyres are 275/55/20. Cheers! P.S. Please don't bite...
  2. Fifth Gear says Wrangler sucks

    Jesus wept, that was an unbearable watch...! Matt from CarWow is one of the few seemingly unbiased and well informed car journalists about IMO.
  3. First Trip of 2020; Northern France

    Great read and great trip by the sounds of it! I was over in Normandy last summer (pre-Jeep ownership) and this has made me want to re-visit the area this year. The history in Normandy and the rest of Northern France relating to both World Wars is fascinating and awe inspiring. Going there in a...
  4. Mopar roof rack on 2 door hardtops?

    Is that the Mopar roof rack you have installed?
  5. Sahara grille inserts (painting different color)

    Looking to blacken out the silver bits around the fog lights on my euro/UK spec JL. They're a different shape and set up to the US ones you guys get - see below. Any ideas on how I could/would go about this? Or thoughts on if it'll improve the look painting them black... Cheers! P.S. I know the...
  6. JL in Europe

    Been reading this post regarding the painting of grille inserts and saw some US owners painting the fog light surrounds. Really not a fan of the silver surrounds on mine, but they're different from the US spec. Has anyone had a go at painting the silver surrounds or have any ideas regarding this...
  7. JL in Europe

    Yet to have any part of the roof off yet (only got it in November) due to the chilly weather...! Very tempted to get a soft top for the warmer months ahead, albeit the near £2k price is holding me back and also unsure whether to go with Mopar or Bestop. Good to hear the noise isn't too bad...
  8. White or Black Stickers on Ocean Blue?

    Never really been a huge fan of stickers/decals, but that Ocean Blue Edition one is so tempting. Looks great mate!
  9. JL in Europe

    Saw you in Sotogrande the other day - it's a small world!
  10. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Looking good! Definitely going to have to look into this...!
  11. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Can't see any examples, so mihgt as well ask here - is a roof tent feasable for a 2 door JL?
  12. JL in Europe

    I'd be very interested in seeing before and after photos of the USA fenders if you could?
  13. JL in Europe

    Cheers for the input guys! Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Rubicon wheels over the Sahara too. I'm going to be changing out the Mud Terrains for All Terrains when I buy it and it seems easier to get some to fit the Rubi 17 inch than the 18s on the Sahara. Those aux switches are obviously a plus...
  14. JL in Europe

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a 2 door Wrangler here in the UK. I'm decided on colour and number of doors - but having last minute doubts over whether to opt for a Rubicon or Sahara. Seems very difficult to reach the limits of a Sahara let alone a Rubicon off road, so that's not overly a...
  15. Jeep vs Defender

    Found the leaked photo of the 2020 Defender. Looks far too Discovery / first gen Evoque for me. Wish they'd stuck to the classic Defender shape and style (Jeep have managed it over the years...!), they've not even kept the round headlights! There's very few design cues from the previous model on...
  16. UK Wrangler JL Venting Channel

    Just about to buy a JL myself, but this thread is severely worrying me...!
  17. Ocean Blue 2 Door JL Rubicon Build

    Going to be buying an Ocean Blue 2 door too! Love your build, would love to see the interior mods!