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  1. Motortrend says 2019 JL 'may' receive a new special-edition model

    Your guess is as good as mine but I am guessing the special edition will be the Rubicon Recon. If so, I can't wait! :rock: BUT MT did use the word 'may' so not 100%. Any other word on this out there?!? :lipssealed: Yes I Googled but nothing else!!!
  2. JL = 2019MY, JK = 2018MY

    Apparently FCA wants to further differentiate the two Wrangler models by model year since the JK will continue on until March 2018. Just sayin' since I still see many referring to the JL as a 2018 (tho reported to mainly be 2019 but 2018 will have a short run for JL; like a month) ;) So looks...