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  1. Another visit to Moab

    Yes; it's not in Funtreks. You see a sign for it near Tipover Challenge when you're on the trail. Staircase includes an obstacle that I have not yet run, but from video, I believe Staircase and that route constitute an easier exit than the Funtreks route, and others have told me this. Also...
  2. Another visit to Moab

    I haven't wheeled in extreme heat and have never had a soft top, so I don't have anything to offer there. I have done all of my Moab wheeling just using the Funtreks book and without anything like OnX -- BUT. After getting lost for a while (with no cell service) on Poison Spider last month, I am...
  3. Another visit to Moab

    It's very easy to see the bypasses; you have to go out of your way to run Hells Gate and Escalator. The trick, I think, is to know that when you see the sign for Staircase, to go that way and use that route as your trail exit, rather than continuing above Tip-over Challenge. The section beyond...
  4. Another visit to Moab

    I also have run around 18-20psi in my stock JLUR there, and that should be fine. Fins and Things is really fun. I think, though... that Hell's Revenge is much more spectacular and generally not harder than Fins if you skip Hell's Gate and Escalator, and exit via Staircase instead of the...
  5. Stranded deep in Canyonlands NP, had to call Matt's Off-road Recovery (24 hour rescue)

    FCA sucks in the extreme and is not worthy of owning the Jeep brand. Effing a$$holes.
  6. Seat Covers for JLURD

    I love my Fia Leatherlites. I also really cringe at the idea of neoprene; smells and such. Have to take them out and wash them, or febreeze them, or something. I like leather or leather-like stuff because all you have to do is wipe it with an armorall wipe. Nothing soaks in, no smells. So my...
  7. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Snow's almost gone...
  8. Top of the World in a mostly stock JL Rubicon

    You should send them a note, tell them to make it! Only issue I have seen with my Garvin rack is that in areas where there was enough abrasion to scrape the paint off, it started rusting pretty quickly. I sanded and painted it... but I wish the paint didn't scuff off so easily.
  9. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Yeah. And reservoirs aren't much good if there isn't enough water to fill them. See Lake Powell and Lake Mead.
  10. Top of the World in a mostly stock JL Rubicon

    Hey Elliot - that is the Garvin Adventure Full Rack. I am so far extremely happy with it. I ordered it from Extreme Terrain, and had some frustrations with them, but ended up working directly with Ron Garvin, who is a great guy and took really good care of me. I highly recommend the rack, and...
  11. Top of the World in a mostly stock JL Rubicon

    I think having a 2-door will really help offset some of the challenges I had, because of your improved breakover angle. That said, if you're lower and you don't have lockers... well, like Finn said, you'll probably make it if you know what you're doing. But I would recommend adding skid plates...
  12. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    I am not reading 26 pages; only the most recent. But since I don't see anyone posting this on the last page, I will (though I am sure it's on p2 or something...): Skid plates. Every. single. damn. after-market skid plate that you add. Is worth its weight in gold, if you're using your Jeep correctly.
  13. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Well, like a winding road... my '22 order journey has ended unexpectedly: Ordered April 11 D-status forever Cancelled order June 14. Cancelled because got into dispute with dealership GM and decided that GM and dealership were unacceptable entities with whom to partner, and also general...
  14. 4H on the highway safe???

    I've driven over half-a-million miles, all my life in climates with plenty of winter, and I have never skidded off the road in snow and ice. I did 233,000 miles in an AWD Subaru, and have done some 200,000 miles in Jeeps, and I can assure you, you can do a lot more/go faster safely with that AWD...
  15. 4H on the highway safe???

    No, not all Rubicons have the AWD function. Most of them do not. My current one does not. The '22 that I ordered, I ordered with the AWD option.... and then I cancelled the order. (Sad, long story).
  16. 4H on the highway safe???

    I think the issue is for mixed conditions. Sometimes you're going along (often in Colorado) and there has been snow, but this stretch of road is generally dry and 60MPH is PERFECTLY safe... and then all of the sudden, there's been some blowing snow and you need to slow down as you hit the snowy...
  17. 4H on the highway safe???

    Indeed. It's my least favorite aspect of my Wrangler. I love it in most ways, but really wish I had the 4H-auto option.
  18. 4H on the highway safe???

    Hahahaha, so, as the OP said in his OP: A lot of really conflicting information!
  19. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Man, at the risk of being the odd-ball (and trying to stay away from politics).... Colorado is awesome, AND we have a massive water crisis in the West. We truly do not have enough water here to support the massive population growth that is ongoing here. I know some people don’t want to believe...