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  1. New York Trade my grey dash for your red

    Looking to trade my grey dash for your red dash! Located on Long Island ny.
  2. 33 inch tire on sport

    so I’m going to put 33 rubi take offs on my Jl sport. Now would have the larger tire actually increase the mileage on the odometer reading faster?
  3. New York WTB rubicon take offs. Long Island

    looking for rubicon take offs wheels and tires. Meet up on Long Island ny. Will pay ASAP so offer up the best deal you have to sell them fast!
  4. WTB rubi rock rails. Long Island ny

    Looking for factory rubicon rock rails. Long Island ny Can meet ASAP. Thanks
  5. WTB rear bumper ny

    lookong for a stock rear sport bumper or a stock plastic rubicon sahar bumper. I’m on Long Island ny. If anyone wants to get rid of it or make some room let me know !
  6. WTB rubicon wheels

    looking for rubicon wheels. No tires. Located on Long Island ny
  7. Center console. WTB

    looking for a center console for a project. Let me know what yo have
  8. WTB k02 265/70/17

    Looking for one BFg k02 265/70/17 I need one for my spare. I’m on Long Island New York
  9. WTB rubi wheels only

    Looking for a set of rubi wheels. No tires. On Long Island ny
  10. Sport s fog light housing swap to rubicon front bumper?

    anybody swap the factory sport s fog light harness to rubicon front bumper. Difficult? Plug and play? Need help thanks.
  11. WTB rubi wheels and tires. NY!

    Want to buy rubi tires and wheels. Located on Long Island ny.
  12. WTB rubicon takeoff wheels

    located on Long Island ny. Looking for stock rub wheels and tires.
  13. Damaged bumper

    So I bought a Sahara front bumper for my sport s Well before I was able to install it it got scratched up pretty bad in the garage. I’ don’t want to throw it away and I don’t want to put a scratched up bumper on a brand new Jeep. So I was thinking of refinishing itnsome how. Anybody have any ideas?
  14. WTB jlur rock rails Long Island ny

    looking to buy jlur rock rails for my sport s. I’m in Long Island ny.
  15. Aftermarket hoods?

    anybkdy hear of it see any after market hoods for the jl? I really like the rubicon hood but I’m guessing it’s going to be very pricey when mopar releases it. What does everyone else think.
  16. Rubicon or Sahara bumper

    lookong for a rubicon or Sahara front bumper. I had one but it got damaged. Anybody wanna help me out. Located in Long Island ny. Pm me info.
  17. Swapping 5 inch screen for 7 inch

    Anybody ever switch the factory 5 inch screen to the 7 inch screen on the jl? Any idea if it’s simple enough to do it yourself or is a dealer needed to install and program it?
  18. WTB a few items.

    Looking to buy a rubicon steel bumper or plastic bumper Led tail lights Red dash I’m located on Long Island ny.
  19. WTB Sahara front bumper fog bracket.

    Recently picked up a Sahara front bumper , but it’s missing the fog brackets inside. Anybody have a set? Thanks!!!
  20. Sahara bumper on sport s difficulty.

    Hey there, I’m new to the jeep community. I purchased a used Sahara bumper locally with the intentions on installing it on my jlu sport s. Has anyone done this? How difficult is it. Better yet is it even compatible? If anyone has any info or experiences please help me . Thanks again!