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  1. Anyone not seeing 8th gear on a stock Willys?

    Just figured out how to turn on the gear display in the center dash cluster. Took it for a little cruise and never saw 8th gear. Just 7th cruising at 60 mph. All stock Willys on Firestone MT's.
  2. What's the most weight you hauled IN your 2-Door?

    It would be really convenient for me to be able haul 350 -400 pounds of animal feed a couple of times a month in the back of my 2 door. Add my 250 pound fat ass as well. I gotta imagine I'm pushing the limits of the GVWR. Most times these factory ratings are a little conservative, curious what...
  3. Rear cargo area mat/liner (with back seat removed)

    Is there an available option for a rear cargo area mat that covers the whole area with the rear seats removed? 2 Door - A direct fit option instead of a trim to fit? Even better if the mat can still be used with seats installed.
  4. 8 speed auto in 22' JL was impressive

    New member here, I'm about to get back into a Jeep after 12 years. My last one was an 05' TJ. I was set on a manual and today I got finally tested out the fit and feel of the new JL's. I was concerned with leg room after some reading and I'm glad I checked out both. I got a bad left knee and I...