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  1. Anyone get these movie emails from Jeep Wave ?

    Can’t believe it’s already sold out by the time I saw the email but take a look… They are doing it in theatres across the USA, really cool!
  2. Is it just me or are current Wrangler buyers different…[CLOSED DUE TO INSULTING BEHAVIOR]

    Maybe it’s the substantial price increase, maybe they have moved onto other things but… I was having a discussion with my wife tonight after we saw a modded JK, and we both agreed that during the JK’s prime there were many more modded Wranglers rolling around town then there are for JLs. Ive...
  3. Warn Elite Tube Doors

    Hey everyone, Is there any intel out there on the Warn Elites? Really love the design of them, remind me of the style I had on my JK, with the door handle and the way the bends are. The product seems to be back ordered on every site, do we have an ETA @Quadratec @Rugged Ridge @Northridge4x4...
  4. Wild fluctuations in speedo..brand new JLR.

    Hey peoples, Took delivery of my 6 speed JLR this past week and already I’m presented with a problem. Not too happy about it either. Basically my digital speedo is accurate but the analog is 5-10-15 mph off depending on the phase of the moon/if mercury is in retrograde or not. I see there was...