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  1. Towing cargo trailer.

    I'm looking to purchase a 6.5 x 14 with v front cargo trailer. It's 6.6 tall and weights just under 1200#s. My plan was to convert it to a toy hauler. Nothing really fancy at all. Put a couple windows in and have a cot to sleep. I planned on putting my just under 1000# motorcycle in it...
  2. Camper recommendations?

    Looking for camper recommendations that I can tow with a Rubicon 4xe with tow package. 2 people and 2 dogs. Wife does not like the small tear drops. Roof tops are out - not sure how to get dogs up and down. I'm currently leaning towards an ALiner camper. Just seeing what else might be out...
  3. How did or do you october order people do it?

    I'm 8 days into my order and going crazy. I've only asked for 1 update from dealer but probably 4 from JC. :)