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  1. Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco sales, buyers, etc

    Research study: Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco This article claims Ford Bronco buyers are more "loyal" and "wealthier" than wrangler owners...
  2. Abandoned JL

    Came across this article
  3. After a 10 year delay...

    The Jeep website has been updated. The Xtreme Recon is finally available on the Willys when you Build and Price
  4. FCA stopping ICE vehicle production in Europe

    I know Europe is ahead of North America with the automotive electrification , but this was shocking. Looks Like Jeep will stop selling pure internal combustion vehicles this year
  5. Something wrong with this Jeep...

    Just checking the market and I'm liking the new stock images Mopar is using 😂
  6. Two Women In A Jeep Help Prisoner Escape By Crashing Multiple Times Into Police Car

    Enjoy this one...
  7. What is this?

    Hi All, I have had my KIWI Master headlights for a little over a year now and love them. However I noticed these weird crystal like marks on the headlights that have been getting worse over the past month. Any idea what this could be? I understand headlights haze, but this doesn't look like...
  8. Texas Jeep JL Upgrade Rubicon Wheels DFW

    Hi All! Selling a set of 4 JL upgraded OEM Rubicon Wheels as I am upgrading my set. Not a single scrape on them. -$500 OBO -No TPMS -Wheels Only -Set of 4 -Local Pickup Only (Dallas/Fort Worth) Feel free to reach out with nay questions!
  9. LED Sequential Fender Lights For Sport/Sport S

    Looks like there is finally a replacement for LED fenders on the Sport/SportS (others on market are for Sahara and Rubicon) has anyone tried these...
  10. Texas Barricade Adventure HD Front Bumper

    Hello! Just got a new bumper for my JL so I won’t be needed my old bumper, brand new it is currently selling for $359.99 on ExtremeTerrain, you can have mine for $250 (red tow hooks included). Please note I do not have any mounting hardware. Local pickup only, item is in the DFW area
  11. Jeep JLUR Hit and Run on Video

    Just browsing YouTube and saw this fellow jeeper crashing and fleeing the scene of an accident. ** jump to the 9:05 minute timestamp of the video
  12. 2020 Wrangler does not clear tunnel

    Hopefully it wasn’t a customer order...
  13. Jeep hardtop prototype spy shots?

    Sorry, saw this online and had to share. Have a great weekend ;)
  14. GM Benchmarking Wrangler at Proving Grounds

    Looks like GM may finally join Ford and come up with a competitor to the Wrangler. I know this is just speculation and nothing is confirmed but what are you thoughts? I actually still own my 2009 Hummer H3 Alpha and can honestly say it is still one of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned. I...
  15. First aftermarket JL LED Tailights

    I came across this, looks to be the first aftermarket LED tailights for the JL. I'm not saying they are good quality, but looks to be the first. They are just like my OEM LED's but smoked...
  16. Katskinz in DFW area

    Hello! Does anyone have any good suggestions for a Katskinz installer in the DFW area? Thanks in advance!
  17. Jeep owner uses JL to assist police pursuit, draws gun and fires

    Found this gem on youtube (jump to :35). Owner uses his own Jeep JL to block in suspect and fires his own gun at them, what are your thoughts? I appreciate the guy trying to help out the situation but this was dangerous and not worth it at all. More details from the homepage.
  18. AEV front Bumper on JL

    I've always been curious about how an AEV style bumper would look on a JL. I just found this JL sitting on a lot with said bumper! Interestingly enough the dealership also installed the Rubicon rear bumper on this sport...
  19. Potential new OEM wheel options...

    Saw these spy shots of the JT Scrambler and noticed the wheel/tire combo on the rubi and Sahara (or sport) you think they will make it to the JL’s? Or be unique to th JT’s?