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  1. Cargo security with Trektop?

    I have read the pros and cons of the three main cargo security options (Tuffy, Slipstream and Backbone) and would like to know if any/all are compatible with the Trektop? Does anyone use one of these and switch between the hardtop and a Trektop?
  2. Fog adjustment

    So I asked this question over in the lighting section with no replies. Where is the adjustment screw for the fog lights?
  3. JLU Sahara Fog Light adjustment

    I have searched and can only find info on adjusting fogs on a JK. I have Looked behind and beneath my fogs, but do not see an opening where an adjustment screw could be located. Has anyone found a way to adjust them?
  4. Tire pressure advice

    I have Cooper AT3 XLT 275 70 18 tires on my 18 JLU. The dealer has them inflated to 50 psi, and that seems excessive to me. Any suggestions for correct pressure?